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{tab=1}"Bolashak" scholarship is personal and is awarded annually by the Republican Commission for training abroad (hereinafter - the State Commission) in order to obtain scholarships from specialized higher education, bachelor's degrees, candidates and doctors of sciences (PhD) for the most popular specialties for Kazakhstan, as well as training training in clinical residency and postgraduate medical specialties in foreign institutions of higher education full-time education.

The list of related specialties 2014 russian

The list of related specialties 2014 kazakh

Help-justification russian

Help-justification kazakh

List of high schools language training for the winners

On some measures for the implementation of scholarships 2014 russian

On some measures for the implementation of scholarships 2014 kazakh

The site of "Bolashak"

The main stages of this competition is:

The first round consists of two phases:

The first of which includes test and interview language proficiency training conducted by an independent expert commission.

The second step involves a personal interview and psychological testing.

Personal opinion of an independent expert committee to language learning includes:

- Language Assessment indicating the degree of proficiency for study in foreign universities with / without additional training;

- Assessment of the overall level of training of candidates, matching their level of language proficiency requirements for foreign institutions of higher education;

- Recommendations to take required standardized tests the host country; Synthesis and design of a positive or negative recommendation for each candidate.

Psychological testing :

- level of intelligence;

- communicative qualities;

- emotional and volitional qualities (emotional stability, self-control, discipline, commitment to the norms).

Independent Review Panel examines the personal files of applicants for a bachelor's degree, a specialist with higher vocational education, master's, PhD, Doctor of Science (PhD), to conduct a personal interview (in which applicants are invited verbally and in writing to answer a series of general and / or subject matters) as well as psychological testing, according to the rules, and makes materials in the second round of the National Commission for consideration.

The second round of the Republican Commission conducts training abroad, and on the results of the study of individual cases, psychological testing, personal interviews with applicants passed on a general basis and self-Received a bachelor's degree, a specialist with higher vocational education, master's, PhD, Doctor of Science (PhD) , shall adopt the list of candidates for the scholarship "Bolashak" in accordance with the need of the Republic of Kazakhstan specialists.

LIST students and teachers WKSU them. M. Utemisov, holders of international scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Bolashak" (in the period 2005-2008)

{tab=2}Every year university students are actively involved in international presidential scholarship "Bolashak" program and go to study in leading universities of the world in undergraduate and graduate programs. 

May 7, 2009 on the basis of the West Kazakhstan State University M. Utemisov held a briefing for students, undergraduates, graduate students and professors from all universities in Uralsk, for those who wish to take part in international scholarship "Bolashak". Presentation of the program conducted Manager receiving the documents of JSC "Center for International Programs", Astana, Berdbekova M.R.

Berdbekova M.R. learn more about the participants of the briefing with the competition procedure, the main criteria of selection, changes and innovations in the program to date, the goal of the program and the deadline for the documents in the course of the presentation of the program "Bolashak" was shown video - video about the program. Berdbekova M.R. noted that this year there are changes in the criteria for selection of candidates for the international scholarship program "Bolashak" - removed the age limit and fewer foreign countries. All information about the competition can be found on the official website of JSC "Center for International Programs»: or the official website of the Ministry Education and Science RK:

The briefing covered the representatives of mass media: television "TDK-42", the regional newspaper "Ural region", "Орал Өмiрі" Pulse of the City, Hope, Жайық үнi, the university newspaper "Өркен". At the end of the presentation Berdbekovoy M.R. individual consultations were held with potential candidates for the scholarship "Bolashak".

Each year, students of the University are actively involved in international presidential scholarship "Bolashak" program and go to study in leading universities of the world for undergraduate, graduate and PhD. Currently, two students WKSU has won an international scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Bolashak". These are: Hamidolla Anar, specialty "Foreign Language", g. 03101, has passed the second round of the competition. In the period from November 29 to December 3, passed the examinations to determine the level of the state language, psychological testing and interviews with members of the independent commission of experts in Astana. At the end of the contest to learn about their admission to the program and was sent to the UK for the Bachelor's program. Sergaliev Alibek, specialty "Foundations of Law and Economics", a group of 07307 also held a competition for the "Bolashak" program to study in Canada for a bachelor's degree. 

Under the presidential program "Bolashak" came to study in Germany undergraduate of our university Zh.Musina. 

In October 2010, on the basis of an agreement with the University of Y.Gutenberga (Mainz, Germany) in the PhD program went to training head of international cooperation Zh.T.Rysbekova., And lecturer in theory and practice of learning a foreign language V.S.Zubkov. He enrolled in the doctoral program under the guidance of doctors, professors G.Lamperta. Also at the University of Y.Gutenberga is undergraduate of 2 courses on specialty "History" Bazarova B., to work in the libraries and archives of Frankfurt am Main and gathering material for his master's thesis.

9 February at 15.00 hours in the case of historical faculty meeting was held with the students who came to study in Poland. At the meeting, attended by 50 students.

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