Yessengaziyeva Saule

5В011900: Foreign language: two foreign languages


I was trained in Sungkonghoe University for academic exchange program from February 29 to June 30, 2016. 

During the semester spent in Sungkonghoe University, conducted classes in the following disciplines:

1. Korean I

2. English Speech I

3. Intercultural Communication II 

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The classes were conducted in English and Korean. All studied subjects were lectures and workshops, a visit which was obligatory and provides only 3 missed classes.

It should be noted that in choosing courses, students have to register online at the official website of the university students, allowing you to visit the chosen discipline, to receive material from the teacher and take the exam for this course. The coordinators and teachers help you to understand of the faculty and discipline selected.

During the semester, I regularly visited research library and reading rooms of the Sungkonghoe University.

At the end of the internship was certified.

During the semester, I lived in a student dormitory, which has a separate room, shower room, kitchen and laundry. The dorm rooms have everything you need to live and study – table, bed, wardrobe, bookshelf, chairs and air conditioning. The bed linen and crockery students buy themselves. The cost of housing in a dorm is 210 dollars a month. Also, the dormitory has the Internet. 

In free time, I visited the historical monuments, museums and beautiful part of the city. Most of all I liked is Gyeongbokgung Palace. Gyeongbokgung is a palace complex, located in the north of Seoul. It was the main and largest palace of the Joseon Dynasty, which lived the royal family and one of the five large palaces, built in the Joseon period.

I had warm and friendly relationship with teachers and students, which for four months shared experience.

Education in Seoul was very helpful and informative, both in terms of self-education, and in terms of familiarization with the culture of Korea. I received very positive emotions, good experience. I express my deep gratitude to the rector of WKSU M.  Utemisov Imangaliev Askhat Salimovitch and the Bologna process centre of the university for the opportunity. 

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