Aida Buzhumova

Aida Buzhumova 

5B050800 - Accounting and audit 


Mississippi Valley State University (commonly reffered to as MVSU or Valley) is historical university located in Mississippi State, near Itta Bena. It was opened in 1950. MVSU offer degrees through the following entities: Art & Sciences, Professional Studies, Education and Graduate School.

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For this fall 2016 I was studied 4 subjects: business finance, business law, international business and consumer behavior. In total 12 credits.

Accommodation in this campus is separate (for ladies and for gents).

Student activities may include concert hall, orchestra, workshops, symposiums, football games, library, gym.

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In general, studying in American University is much more interesting and totally different from ours. But I do not particularly like the distance from the campus to the nearest cities or villages is so far (because it is impossible to get to the nearest shop or supermarket without your own car). This campus has remained in my memory as a place of international friendship and a strong educational base.