Azhgulov Makhambet

2-year student of Foreign language Department

Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz- a young, dynamic, open to the future and at the same time built on a solid foundation. This university has such departments as:

• Management and Social Sciences;

• Humanities;

• Physical education, health and tourism;

• Mathematics, Physics and Engineering;

• Natural Sciences;

• Pedagogy and Psychology;

• Institute of Music Education.

Also for foreigners this university has the center of Polish courses.

There are a large number of university buildings, which are located in the city center not far from each other. In the first week were chosen disciplines, which were supposed to give classes, also payment was made and prepared the necessary documentation for WKSU. Classes on subjects were held once a week, except German language. Just for ourselves we choose Polish course to communicate with passers-by or with students who doesn’t know English. Classes are different, for example, at the lectures a teacher shows all the material in the form of presentations, and a student may write only the necessary. On some practical subjects, classes are held in a playful way for better memory. The most of the teachers are asking home jobs by email. The teachers are helpful and willing to resolve the difficult problems associated with learning, so every teacher in addition to the necessary meetings had to communicate via email.

On arrival we placed in a hostel. The living conditions are good. There is a room for two people, block of 4 rooms with shared shower and toilet and a small refrigerator for 2 rooms. On the floor there is a kitchen and a room for washing clothes. Key of washing room is issued for the day. There is the Internet, but the cable is one for two people, and I had to hand out Wi-Fi from my laptop. In dormitory live students from Poland and from different countries of Europe. There are very friendly and helpful people in Poland; they always say hello and goodbye to each other, ready to help, if we turn to him for help. The main population speaks only in Polish. Product prices are almost the same as in Uralsk, weekly rallies in supermarkets. Beside the hostel there are two large hypermarkets; one of them works until 12:00 a.m. a day. The hostel was located in the city center, 15 minutes’ walk from the building, where classes are given.

Leisure. The first week was a good week in Poland for us and for all foreign students. Various events were visited in case of acquaintance with Polish cuisine, Polish language and universities in Bydgoszcz, and also with students from countries such as Turkey, Hungary, Spain and Germany. The university has a sport complex, containing many different sections: wrestling, tennis, soccer, basketball, handball, etc., and also the pool. It could be free to go to any number of sections. On the weekend we travelled to Poland, but tried to take with us a man who knows this city, that most fully immerses ourselves in the story. One of the historical cities-Wroclaw-was shown to us by friends who live and study there. At the end of the arrival in Poland we could visit the South of the country to explore the local culture that is different from the rest. Travelling around Europe is very pleased, greeting with new people allowed to broaden our views, as well as in friendly communion were pleased to share the culture and traditions of our states. I would like to note that, in general, people spoke very positively about Kazakhstan, and when we heard that from there, showed interest and asked so many questions about life and culture and we, in turn, were happy to share information. It’s very pleased when in the greeting with people you say from what country you are and then they started to behave to you well. I would like to thank the administration of WKSU for the opportunity to see Europe.