Action "Clear session"


  1. Composition of the Anti-Corruption Commission for 2016-2017
  2. Order the establishment of anti-corruption Committees winter session 2014-2015
  3. The work plan of the anticorruption Commission for 2017-2018.
  4. Position about the Commission on the prevention of corruption of the West Kazakhstan state University named after M. Utemisov


Action "Clear session" held within the framework of the Action Plan for the implementation of anti-corruption program of the party "Nur Otan" , recommended by the Coordinating Council on combating corruption in higher and postgraduate education.

The main objective of the program counter corruption is to ensure transparency and strengthen measures aimed at effective and efficient prevention of corruption in the education system, as well as the creation of the University of moral and psychological, moral climate eradication, rejection, condemnation and denunciation of corruption as any risk of undermining the reputation of the university.

In the framework of "Clear session" students, undergraduates and doctoral students can report known violations of the rules of examinations and other unlawful acts helpline (25-06-26), written by the "box of trust" , located on the faculties of the university, and also on the electronic portal of the university (


Here you can download sectoral programs to combat corruption in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011 - 2015 years, and anti-corruption program in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015 - 2025 years.