Admission to distance learning

West Kazakhstan state University. M. utemisova - is access to the world of new innovative knowledge at no additional cost through distance education!
Distance learning wksu them.M. utemisova is carried out in accordance with the "Rules of the educational process on distance learning technologies" approved by the order of the MES of 20.03.2015, №137, DOT at the level of technical and professional, higher and postgraduate education are applied to students:
- on the reduced educational programs on the basis of technical and professional, higher education;
- persons with disabilities, including persons with disabilities of groups I and II, disabled since childhood;
- students who have left for exchange programs (academic mobility) at the level of higher and postgraduate education;
- correspondence forms of training, called up for military service at the level of higher education;
- being in a long trip abroad (more than 4 months) at the level of higher education.
Period of study.
On the basis of secondary special education - 3 years.
On the basis of higher education - 2 years.