West Kazakhstan state University. M. Utemisova information about the Institute of public education "Kyz Zhibek"

West Kazakhstan state University. M. Utemisova information about the Institute of public education "Kyz Zhibek"



Head of the Institute of public education "Kyz Zhibek": Muratkabylova Anar

Address: 162 Dostyk-Druzhby Ave., main building №1, 311 office.

The purpose of the Institute of public education "Kyz Zhibek": in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international treaties of law, holiday plans of the Ministry of education and science, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "on education", the concept of education, the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "on state youth policy", the strategic development plan of West Kazakhstan state University for 2011-2020, the annual plan of educational work and youth policy, in accordance with the Address of the Head of state N. Ah. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan Implementation of The President's Address. Work with a consistent system.

Developed and approved the plan of the Institute of public education "Kyz Zhibek", which was created at the University. In this regard, members of the organization visited the faculties and acquainted with the plan of the Institute of public education "Kyz Zhibek".


 Overview of activities


At West Kazakhstan state University.Utemisova began its work Institute of public education " Kyz Zhibek." Female participants created a concert program "Kyz Zhibek-girls artsy". Purpose: to acquaint students with the work of the club. Relatively current presentation was very unusual. Interest in the club was shown and was registered for membership.


Citizens, most importantly the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the duty of every region of the country.In "KyzZhibek" the institution of public education dedicated to the day of health "in Healthy body-healthy mind" - sports games. Goal: friendship. Various events and activities consisted of a variety of issues. Theplayersshowed a goodresultoftraining.

"KyzZhibek" , the Institute of public education,members of the famous poet, AkushtapBahtigareev! Goal: to deeply understand the nature of the poet in two languages, example. During the meeting, the poet told tarriest your life lessons, shared experiences and advice. Girls recited poems of the poet, wrote, acted creativity. The mysterious and deep meaning of the meeting, ended with the insights only right thoughts.

"The ban on the girl from the house of forty" was held an essay contest on the topic. Participated in the Essay contest by over a hundred participants, including Kalenova Arena nazerke year student of philological faculty.The celebration takes place on the eve of the contest, the winners of the awards were presented with commemorative gifts.

Doctor gynecologist University and met with the doctor. In a meeting with AIDS, personal hygiene, hygienic requirements to current issues and contracts and in many others, the answers to the questions. Objective: to obtain consultations from experts of a healthy lifestyle. The girls were given leaflets, information gained in chain, delivered a lot.

"KyzZhibek" , the Institute of public education, "Woman and Religion" forum. West Kazakhstan state University In the Republic of Kazakhstan, religious extremism and counter-terrorism for 2013-2017 state program in accordance with paragraph 5, for "advocacy groups not affected by the impact of destructive and radical religious views, ideology, strengthening of Patriotic feelings among the population and the prevention of the formation of distorted religious views in order to conduct information and explanatory work" among University students, created in order to information created in accordance with the plan schedule. In October in accordance with the schedule for the students "Msab education the words" "the influence of Islamic law in society", "responsibility", "Islam is a religion of peace and unity" Girls for spiritual and moral education, to strengthen the forum. Goal: competently about modern religions. In this topic speech, for different purposes, and in a tense discussion with pupils and students.

University, worked at the University for several years in order to assist the elderly, pensioners-building of teachers. Purpose: continuity of generations, an example, and example. Pensioners in the room, helping adult bat (blessing).

"KyzZhibek" , the Institute of public education, in accordance with the annual plan "Datenozbay future. This training a few foreign languages for Humanities.The appointment of women, the strengthening of friendly relations, warm-up, learning interesting and fun. It's in the game with units of girls involved.

University graduate, veteran teacher GoldinsGoldineMeruert".Meeting babysiting to instill respect for the authority of an honest life, a happy life with Kasuga on the topic.

On April, according to the plan, "braiding Hair – typical for coming!. a summary analysis of the formation of image of the historical person, the individual genius of the Kazakh girls through special properties. Preparation generation as long as the source of national education.A master in every environment, culture of speech and speech development.Beauty and health, healthy lifestyle and to teach to adhere to the main rules. Integration of education and upbringing in society values national issues. The mother of the girls in the family how to prepare the nation's future. Traditions, participate in the implementation of children and adolescents.Household formation skills a necessity.

This question since ancient times, ancestors, storage life, continue the tradition recognized in the report. Created at the University "KyzZhibek" club girls of girls among 1-2 year "robotics"! The aim of the education of the younger generation, promotion of traditions next year, by the way, educated, gentle,developing an informed, assessment of history. The contest fought girls from each school, students of 1-2 courses. Women, first of all, five sections, consisting of the competition "Acquaintance" stage of the "Five chefs", "hairstyle", "Nerm-mm", "Question-answer" successive stages of the presentation. In the end, the jury philologically EinigenSeljanina I course "robotics" title". Deep traditions, art-new this is a great contest turned out.

KyzZhibek" by the Institute of public education. Gift ornament in the form of different, each other gave. "Adjusted games in physical education - education is not a hindrance, in the way that something to promote the area," said GabitMusrepov, refreshing and by the way, the University regularly organizes competitions for hardening of the body. In order to continue this trend well "KyzZhibek" and is about club events.

Since the beginning of September the girls took part in subbotniks. 13th September in the framework of week of health "Health-the guarantee of happy life", participated in sports competitions and won prizes. Avoid bad habits of University students in order to maintain Sunday at the sports Palace "sesames hosted the event" no Drugs!", sports games. Objective: promotion of education for girls, developing skills of teamwork, ability. The club members take part in the game, divided into two groups. "Sary-ARKA" lost on the throne of the race at different stages of the game and from the group of Laggards. Organizer and participant in conducting effective youth weekend the game is incredibly unpredictable mood.

"KyzZhibek", the Institute of public education holiday mom "Mommy - dearest" name " poetic competition on the theme. Objective: to lead, grow and gives little milk, the identification of talented students of our University have a poetic ability. The competition consisted of two main parts. In the first part, the participants read a poem tribute to mother, the second is aging the competition on a free subject. The word jury saptu, scenic culture, expression, and determined the winners according to the rules, the concept of cost. Erkenaz awarded the I degree diploma in competition " the student of I course I course ZhanerkeMargali II place III place Best in School.

"KyzZhibek", the Institute of public education, for pupils of children's village family-type group of volunteers "Profession-my pride" in the Dorm. Students of the specialty features of your group, and educational activities. Role-playing, questionnaires to identify professional orientation. In addition was organized a small concert program.





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