Department of youth Affairs

Head of department: Eshimova Zhanbota Esengalievna

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Senior consultant of the Committee on youth Affairs: Tapaeva Zhanerke Taulbaevna

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Methodist Committee on youth Affairs: Konysbaev Abylai Ongarovich

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Methodist Committee on youth Affairs: Orazov Temirzhan Abdykalykovich

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Address: Prospect Dostyk-Druzhby, 162, №1 housing, office 213

Phone: 8 (7112) 51-15-03

The purpose of the Committee on youth Affairs: Actively using leisure time of students, to promote the formation of a competitive personality and competitive personality, to establish contacts with students.


Assistance in training competitive specialists with a high level of education and culture.

- assistance in social adaptation and professional development of the future specialist;

- competitive in the labor market, highly moral, physically healthy,

the formation of the whole person, advanced in intellectual and creative terms;

- education of the future specialist as a person with deep knowledge, enthusiasm, tolerance, creativity, ability to communicate, responsibility, propensity to life needs.;

- development and implementation of the principles of humanization of civil and moral education;

- improving the political and cultural level of students;

- education of young people in the spirit of friendship of peoples and Kazakhstan patriotism;

- formation of professional culture of students;

- M. strengthening of patriotism, establishment of cultural and interethnic relations among students with the orientation of the small student Assembly of peoples of Kazakhstan WKSU named after M.Utemisov;

- Assistance in the implementation of socially significant projects and individual ideas of students;

- coordination of the student self-government Department for the implementation of their initiatives and proposals.


- Organization of intellectual games and discussion evenings, meetings at round tables, art, sports and recreation, various clubs, scientific work in the framework of selected specialties.

- Development of draft state programs, concepts and laws aimed at solving problems among young people.

Direction of activity:

The main directions of the Concept of educational work at the University are::

- socio-political and legal education;

- international and Patriotic education;

- moral, cultural and aesthetic education;

- development of research potential and creative potential of students;

- development of sports, promotion of healthy lifestyles.





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