Organization of the work of youth associations

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Organization of the work of youth associations in the West-Kazakhstan State University im.M.Utemisova


The system of education in the university is built on the implementation of youth policy and youth creative potential, identify new talents who can make their contribution to innovation, based on the best traditions of the older generations of high school.

Humanization of higher education to ensure the transition from an authoritarian pedagogy to the paradigm of learner-centered education. The concept of the state youth policy of Kazakhstan till 2020 "Kazakhstan-2020: The path to the future" is defined ideal of Kazakh youth is patriotic, educated, having health, responsible and energetic, has been successfully operating in the innovation economy, which owns the Kazakh, Russian and English languages, absorbed the values ​​and culture of the Kazakh people, tolerant, recognizable and respected person in the world. Today, in conditions of democratization of society, the role of civil society organizations that are responsible for strengthening corporate pariotizma. In this regard, for the development of the personality of the future specialist university carried out a series of measures to open a variety of clubs, youth associations, voluntary movement, thanks to the university over the years are active: student government, student trade union, youth organizations Jas Otan "Debate Centre" Aқiқat "" Jas Economist ", the Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan, Zhasyl ate MTR.

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Student Government

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One of the most effective tools of socialization of the person in high school. This mechanism of student democracy, promoting the development of leadership skills, communication skills. Modern employers prefer graduates it with such competence and social experience. The institute student leaders of the University, students gain experience in managerial work. 10 years of experience in the implementation of forms of student government has shown that this model has a great potential for the preparation of highly moral, responsible, patriotic professional. The structure of the student government of the University includes: student rector and student deans. The composition of the student rector elected the most authoritative, responsible students of the university. The approved annual plan student rector organizes political-educational work among students. Neither event held at the University, does not go without the participation of the student government. For 10 years, it produced more than 100 creative managers - organizers are now working not only in the region but also beyond.



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МОО «Debate Centre "Akikat" (Head of Suleimenov M.K.)      

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It became precarious dialogue platform for communicating school and high school youth. Topics to be discussed, current, interest of young people, in particular, held a debate on the following topics: What are the goals set itself a modern Kazakh youth? What contribution can young people to the goals of the Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050". Center "Aқiқat" known for his work not only among students of colleges and universities of the region, but also among school youth. An analysis of the work done by the Center "Aқiқat" showed that this way of working with young people is justified, since a positive result on the face: in the process of debate, the students develop a public speech, logic thinking, growing horizons of the future specialist.

Responsible for the central debate is the annual national tournament devoted to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The 2014 national tournament debaters association regions of the country to their patriotic spirit. We hope that the II-nd republican tournament, which is scheduled in November this year in Uralsk on the basis of our high school will take place at a high level. To do this, all conditions: the material base of the university, the high patriotic spirit of youth, authority Debate Center, support management of the regional center.

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The activities of NGO "Jas economist"

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Youth entrepreneurship training. Youth Association conducts training seminars on current topics from the financial centers, assists students in preparing business projects in the regional competition Startap, holding consultations on topical issues of running a successful business future. The head of "Jas Economist" 4th year student N.Orashev.


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Youth organization "Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan".

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Every year at the beginning of the school year reporting meeting with students at the end of work. In urban asset of the Alliance of students from the University of representatives of all the faculties. The head of the Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan ZKGU S.Nurgaliev 3-year student, specialty "Jurisprudence". During the year Askerovtsy carry out activities on the clarification of the rights and responsibilities of students, a survey on the subject of social well-being of students, providing quality education, to comply with the conditions of stay in the dormitory students colleges and universities during the examination sessions are part of the anti-corruption commission, organized campaign "Net session". Students - Activists Alliance participate in various trainings on personal development of students, spiritual, moral and intellectual development, conduct various thematic competitions, sports competitions, with youth involved in the process, which is limited to a one-time request.


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The youth wing "Zhas Otan"

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acting at the university, is working closely with city, regional headquarters. Students are actively involved in the ongoing activities under the youth wing of the city area. Among the activities carried out by the youth wing "Jas Otan" - participation in thematic competitions, festivals, sports events organized in the city and in the region, the republic. Shares held on the initiative of the youth wing "Jas Otan" relevant among young people, in particular to assist war veterans and home front, work on work days by greenery and beautification of the city, work in an orphanage, the House of the elderly. University students are actively involved in the promotion of youth programs: "With diploma to the village", "Talent Pool", "Youth Practice". Some students directly involved in the implementation of these programs in September this year on the results of the regional competition of student of 2nd course of the specialty "Foreign language: two foreign languages" Ihsanova Z. was trained on the program "Talent Pool" at the national headquarters of the "Jas Otan" in g .Astane after training successfully completed an internship at the MES in the Department of Youth Policy. Students activists "Jas Otan" took an active part in 2 scientific expeditions to the grave sites of people's warriors Mahambet Utemisov and I.Taymanova. Held annually patriotic forum's Day symbols of RK, has become one of the most important activities undertaken by youth organizations. Throughout the year, students are actively involved in campaigns: "Plant your tree", "Men zhastarғa senemіn", "Menin elim-Kazakhstan", which help young people to understand their role in society.

A wide-range of university students the opportunity to engage and develop their skills in clubs, creative associations, clubs that are open at the departments at faculties. In particular, outside the classroom, students are engaged in circles. Names circles, scientific associations represented in the table.

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The new law "On state youth policy" paid great attention to the development of volunteerism among young people. As a student volunteers is not the first year working Pedagogical Detachment "Ray" (Kusenova L. Head, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology) with students of the city. Volunteers pedagogical group "Ray" assist students Children's Village. Guided by them psychological trainings, discussions, performances, concerts, sports competitions, intellectual games have left their mark in the memory of pupils Children's Village. During his work in schools, student volunteers gain experience, hone their theoretical knowledge into practice and acquire the life skills that are essential to the future competent specialist.

  Work on the development of the personality enables responsive to the demands of the time, effectively support the new directions. The standards of higher education as separate individual personality traits marked the culture of thinking and responsibility. Youth and strategic potential of the modern state. The young generation of our country has grown in the new environment - in the period to strengthen the independence, market reforms and democratic reforms. Therefore, the way to solve problems in the field of youth policy require new content adequate to the realities of the current approach, which is based on the recognition of the young man the fullness of personal rights and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution. In this connection it was implemented kretivnymi students innovative project - E-site "Makhambet", the administrator is in this period is a student of J. Baiyr Youth project was developed and implemented with the support of IT Centre of the university now Site "Mahambet-University" performs the function of a living relationship, which informs trainees of competitions, research projects, festivals both in high school and beyond, thanks to the timely deployment of materials. Students using the site receive counseling, referrals for their activities, saving their time to meetings. The comments of teachers and their peers are supported, student solidarity on certain issues need to be addressed. Every day the site is visited by more than 2,000 students.

In 2014 the country was first implemented the state program "Mangilik zhastary - industriyaғa." The purpose of the program - to train and employ young people from the southern region of the country with abundant labor resources in the east, north and west of Kazakhstan, in regions experiencing shortages of personnel. According to the program coordinator works Tapaeva ZT, developed and approved a work plan, elected chief Sardar, it is a 2nd year student Muzappar N. A total program Serpіn allocated for the Republic - 7.05 million grant in our university trained 339 (in tonnes. h. 189-1 th year). Youth Movement "Serpіn-2050" at the University actively participates in all the events held at the university, in an area the country. Youth Council, based at the University, among serpinovtsev is actively implementing the recommendations of the coordinating council.

Thus the work of youth organizations, carried out at the university, aimed at forming sought after graduate. We believe that the participation of students in the work of youth organizations in training is a good help in the acquisition of specialized skills in their future professional activities. By non-governmental organizations at the university, as experience has shown, help to develop the ability to learn, which has a positive impact on the ranking of the university in society.







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