Directions of scientific research

Directions of scientific researches

The main thematic directions of scientific researches

of M. Utemissov WKSU faculties


Name of the faculty

The main thematic directions of scientific researches


Faculty of Natural and Geography

Studying of biological diversity of the Western Kazakhstan

Geobotanical researches of a soil and vegetable cover of the Western Kazakhstan

Territorial differentiation of the nature, population and economy of the Western Kazakhstan

Sorption of vanadium from oil residues with use of local natural sorbents

Use of clay boring slime and drilling mud in production of construction materials


Faculty of Pedagogics

Scientific and methodical bases of the organization of inclusive education

Theory and methodological bases of the integrated and personal focused education

Psychology of the personality

Scientific bases of adaptive culture and formation of a healthy lifestyle, etc.


Faculty of History, Economy and Law

Increases in legal literacy in formation of civil society

Ethno confessional and socio-political processes in a system the international relations: top trends and regional study analysis

Social and economic aspects of development of modern Kazakhstan

Registration financial factors of development of economy of RK in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution

Political history of the Kazakhstan, economy and ethnology, etc.


Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

Intersubject communications of natural disciplines in the content of the updated education

Formation of a complete system of physical science in the course of training

Features of use of the computer in training geometry, etc.


Faculty of Philology

Theory and history of language.

Comparative typology of languages and cross-cultural communication.

Literary heritage of the Western Kazakhstan (literary study of local lore), etc.


Faculty of Culture and Art

Musical culture, art and formation of the Western Kazakhstan

Traditional culture of Kazakhs: genesis and evolution

Studying, development and use of traditional technologies of creation of objects of the modern art in the conditions of higher education institution, etc.






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