Department of Science and International Relations


Head of the Department of Science and International Relations: doctor of philosophy (PhD), specialty 6D060900 – Geography Imashev Eduard Zhusupovich


The department carries out its activities in the field of planning, organizing, executing and implementing the results of scientific and research works, including the international activities of the university.
The purpose of the department is the organization of scientific, innovative and international activities of the university.

The main tasks of the department:

1. Organizing and coordinating the interaction of the university with other research institutions and manufacturing enterprises, international foundations and organizations supporting science and education;

2. Organization of work on the preparation of scientific projects and their sending to the republican and international competitions;

3. Organization of the university competition of research projects, as well as assistance in the implementation of research projects approved for funding;

4. Coordination of the work of the testing laboratory of ecology and biogeochemistry, the research laboratory of archeology, ethnology and anthropology, the research laboratory of natural heritage, geobotany and biodiversity monitoring, the council of young scientists, the student scientific community and student scientific circles;

5. Collection of scientific articles and organization of work of the editorial board of the scientific journal "Bulletin of WKSU";

6. Planning, coordination and monitoring of the work of faculties, departments and research departments in the field of research, research and development work and international cooperation;

7. Organization of events to promote and disseminate scientific achievements of the university (exhibitions, conferences, round tables, seminars, collections);

8. Preparation of draft agreements, agreements, memorandums on international cooperation and in legalization of long-term and medium-term agreements with foreign universities and organizations, timely renewal of existing agreements, memorandums and agreements with foreign universities and organizations, etc.

Phone (office): 8 (7112) 26 - 03- 68
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