Kalmenov M D



Kalmenov Murat Dabylovich – candidate of history.


Kalmenov Murat Dabylovich is the research associate of the Laboratory of archeology, anthropology and ethnology, the senior teacher of the department History of the Republic of Kazakhstan, History, Economics and Law faculty of the M. Utemissov West Kazakhstan state university/ He is one of scientists-teachers valorously putting work in republic science. For more 25th summer scientific activity he has made a powerful contribution to researches of historical and cultural heritage of our state. Murat Dabylovich is the professional, the researcher and teacher who has published more than 50 scientific and popular- scientific articles and also is the author of 3 monographs.

2003-2018 Kalmenov M.D. is participated as the leading archeologist in many archaeological expeditions: oases of ancient Khorezm– the antique ancient settlement Kazakhly Yatkan as a part of the Karakalpak and Australian expedition (on the USCAP project); the medieval Kyrantau complex a calla as a part of the Karakalpak-French expedition (on the IFEAC project); zolotoordynsky ancient settlement Mizdakhan (Mazlumkhan Sulu); historical and cultural heritage of the Ustyurt plateau and peninsula of Mangystau (Mangyshlak) – the settlement of the neolytic period Koskuduk; complex of the bronze period Ulkenkuduk; funeral constructions of the early Iron Age Tubedzhik, Meretsay, Tokmok, Miyala, Segizsay-Lebedevk; medieval ancient settlements Kyzylkala, Ketikkala, Sarayshyk, Zhayyk, Zhalpaktal, Aktobe-Laeti; funeral complex of the Middle Ages Soar Aydyn, Zhalpaktal; caravanserais of the zolotoordynsky period Koskuduk, to Copts; underground mosques Sultan-epe, Shakpak ata etc.

For his active participation in 2016 M. Utemissov West Kazakhstan state university is granted the State License No. 16008582 on implementation of archaeological and (or) scientific and restoration works on historical and cultural monuments in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. On the basis of the License in 2016, for the first time after 1990, the students of specialties 5B011400, 5B020300 "History" have carried out independent archaeological practice under the leadership of Kalmenov M.D.

The professional and pedagogical experience of Kalmenov M.D. gives hope in the future, on preparation students of the department of history as professional scientists-archeologists.

Kalmenov M.D. has participated in many international scientific conferences as the only professional archeologist from our area - "Archeology of the East European steppe" (Saratov, 2013); "IV (XX) All-Russian Archaeological Congress" (Kazan, 2014); "Margulanovsky readings - 2014, devoted to the 110 anniversary of the academician A.H. Margulan", (Pavlodar, 2014); "Ethnic interactions in South Ural", (Chelyabinsk, 2015); "Congress of Islamic Archeology" (Kazan, 2016), etc. by the results of the archaeological researches.

In 2016 for deep studying of a technique of archaeological researches of students, Kalmenov M.D. has published educational and methodical grants "A technique of field archeological excavations", and in 2017 "Experimental archeology".

In 2012 Kalmenov M.D. on the basis of archaeological objects, has carried out on the place of the medieval ancient settlement Zhayyk, a field seminar lecture for participants of the International scientific conference "Medieval City Culture and Nomadic Civilization of a River Basin Urals". During the field seminar it has been scientifically proved about existence of city culture in the 13-14th centuries in our region and directly in Uralsk.

On November 22, 2013 Kalmenov M.D. has successfully defended the master's thesis at Institute of History of Sh. Mardzhani AS of the Republic of Tatarstan (Russian Federation) on the subject "The Archaeological Monuments of Ustyurt and Mangystau Located on Medieval Caravan Tracks (X-XIV centuries)", (the code of specialty 07.00.06 – Archeology).

At present time Kalmenov M.D. is the only the candidate of science in the Western region who has defended the master's thesis on archeology.

For archaeological opening and promotion of historical and cultural heritage Kalmenov M.D. has been brought into "Entsiklopedia of Mangystau" it was published in 2008.

In 2014 for promotion of medieval city culture, and for the leadership in archeological excavations on the ancient settlement Zhayyk Kalmenov M.D. has been awarded with "Certificate of Honour" of Akim of the West-Kazakhstan oblast.

In 2018 for a personal contribution in development of an education system has been awarded with "Letter of Thanks" of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



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