Distance learning system


Distance learning center of West Kazakhstan State University after M. Utemisov was created in 2008.

According to the "Rules of the educational process on distance learning technologies" approved by the order of the MES of 20.03.2015 №137, the DLT at the level of technical and professional, higher and postgraduate education are applied to students:

- on reduced educational programs on the basis of technical and professional, higher education;

- persons with disabilities, including persons with disabilities of I and II groups, disabled since childhood;

-students who have left for exchange programs (academic mobility) at the level of higher and postgraduate education;

- correspondence forms of training, called up for military service at the level of higher education;

- being in a long trip abroad (more than 4 months) at the level of higher education.

Distance learning is:

- Availability. The opportunity to get an education while outside the University;

- Manufacturability. Using the latest IT technologies in the learning process;

- Independence. Students work and study in a convenient mode;

- Economy. Reduction of time and material costs for training.

Main tasks of the center:

1. Creating the conditions for acquisition of knowledge by students through the use of distance learning technologies;

2. Ensuring student access to the educational portal in the framework of distance learning;

3. Control and protection of access to information in order to preserve confidentiality and falsification of training;

4. Improvement of the educational process with the use of distance learning educational technologies (on-line classes, video lectures, video conferences, virtual laboratory work, webinars, consultations and work with texts on electronic media.)

University has a modern telecommunication information, material and technical base which provide knowledge remotely.

Under distance learning, the educational process includes all main types of traditional forms of education: lectures, seminars, practice and laboratory work. Under distance learning technology, the educational process consists of two components: distance and contact forms.

Distance form - is the study of theoretical material, the implementation of practical, laboratory and IWS tasks, writing term papers on the educational portal, as well as in direct contact with the teacher on-line, as well as on the Internet. To improve the quality of distance learning in the educational process on-line classes, video lectures, video conferences, virtual laboratory work, webinars are introduced.

Student in remote mode must fulfill all tasks in the disciplines provided before the beginning of the examination session.

Contact forms include classroom lessons, exams, and protection of course, settlement and graphic works, the final state certification.

Period of study.

On the basis of secondary special education -3 years.

On the basis of higher education - 2 years.

Educational process organization.

The student is given access to the network technology on the basis of e-learning environment Moodle, where all educational resources are placed: programs, recommendations, test tasks.

There are video lectures and webinars, online consultations via chat.

The organization of the educational process is carried out according to the academic calendar and schedule of the educational process approved for the academic year. Each year includes two academic periods of 12-15 weeks. In the academic period there are 2 midterm controls, each academic period ends with autumn and spring session.

Students are admitted to the examination session provided:

- Passed the 1st, the 2nd midterm controls, and fulfilled the control, course work, IWS, etc;

- Paid 50% of tuition fee till the 1st session, and the remaining 50% fees till the 2nd session.

The DLC methodists will notify students by the e-mail on the timing of midterm controls and exams in accordance with the academic calendar.

Accompanying the student during the entire period of study.

After admission to the University, an introductory course on working in the distance learning system is held for all students. During the whole period of study, the educational process is accompanied by the methodists of the Distance Learning Center.

Recommendations to students.

- Leave an application for distance learning and your e-mail address;

- Establish electronic communication with the University;

- Discuss during the introductory course all the nuances of remote communication with the methodists of the DLC and Tutors - teachers of disciplines;

- Check your mailbox more often.

Our address: Republic of Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan,

Uralsk, Amanzholov Str. 38,

M. Utemisov WKSU, 6 Training Corps

Phone: 8 (7112) 51-07-52