Department of planning and organization of educational and methodical work



- The main activities of the department of planning and organizing educational and methodical work are planning and organizing the educational process, coordinating all forms of educational and methodical work of departments and faculties for the preparation of highly qualified specialists, the introduction of new educational programs and innovative technologies.


- planning and coordination of the educational process in conjunction with the departments and deans of faculties, the department of postgraduate training;

- control of the preparation of working curricula by the departments of educational programs;

- compilation and approval of the schedule of studies for all forms and levels of education in compliance with the norms of weekly workload in accordance with SES, as well as compilation and approval of the schedule of examination sessions of a bachelor degree;

- monitoring the adherence to the teaching staff of the schedule of studies, examinations;

- summing up the implementation of the teaching load of faculty and departments (monthly, semi-annual, annual);

- compiling a database of test tasks for full-time and part-time forms of education;

- organizing and conducting examination sessions;

- Organization and control of methodological work in the departments and faculties;

- formation of the database of the university working curricula of elective disciplines and educational complexes of disciplines for undergraduate full-time and magistracy;

- formation of the plan of educational and methodical publications and control over their release;

- Organization of the work of the educational and methodical Council of the University, control over the organization of educational and methodical work of faculties and departments;

- organizing and conducting training seminars for the faculty of the university according to the plan of the department;

- Development and improvement of educational programs in conjunction with the departments;