bachelor specialities

The Faculty of Education

6V01201 Preschool training and education

6V01301 Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education

6V01101 Pedagogy and Psychology

6V01401 Basic military training

6V01402 Physical Culture and Sport

6V01403 Adaptive physical training and sport

6V01801 Sotspedagogika and self-knowledge


Faculty of Culture and Arts

6V01404 Music Education

6V01405 Art and Drawing

6V02110 Instrumental Performance: Wind instruments

6V02101 Instrumental Performance: String Instruments

6V02111 Instrumental Performance: Piano

6V02102 Vocal Art

6V02103 Traditional music education: folk singing

6V02112 Traditional music education: folk instrument

6V02104 Directing 

6V02105 Choreography

6V02106 Decorative Arts

6V02107 Design

6V02108 Fashion and design at school

6V02109 Interior design

6V11102 Cultural and leisure activities

6V03201 Librarianship


Physics and Mathematics

6V01501 Mathematics

6V01502 Mathematics-Physics

6V01503 Mathematics-Informatics

6V01504 Physics

6V01505 Physics- Informatics

6V01513 Physics (English)

6V01506 Informatics

6V06101 Computer Science and Information Security

6V06102 Information Systems

6V06103 Computers and Software

6V01514 Informatics (English)



Natural-geographical faculty

6V01507 Chemistry

6V01509 Biology

6V01516 Biology (English)

6V05202 Geography

6V07101 Chemical technology

6V05301 Chemistry

6V01508 Chemistry- Biology

6V05201 Ecology

6V01510 Geography

6V01511 Geography and tourism for young people and children

6V01512 Geography-history

6V01515 Chemistry (English)


Faculty of History, Economics and Law

6V01601 History

6V01407 History basis of Law and Economics

6V03102 International Relations

6V02201 History

6V04201 Legal

6V03101 Sociology

6V03103 Regionovedenie

6V04101 Economics

6V04102 Economic safety

6V04103 Management

6V04104 Accounting and Auditing

6V04105 Finance

6V04106 State and local government

6V04107 Marketing

6V11101 Tourism


Faculty of Philology

6V01701 Kazakh language and literature

6V01703 Russian language and literature

6V01705  Foreign langueagr: two foreign languages

6V01702 Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh language learning

6V01704 Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of instruction

6V02301 Philology: Kazakhlanguage

6V02302 Philology: Russianlanguage





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