bachelor specialities

The Faculty of Education

5V010100 Preschool training and education

5V010200 Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education

5B010300 Pedagogy and Psychology

5V010400 Basic military training

5V010800 Physical Culture and Sport

5V012300 Sotspedagogika and self-knowledge


Faculty of Culture and Arts

5V010600 Music Education

5V010700 Art and Drawing

5V040200 Instrumental Performance

5V040300 Vocal Art

5V040400 Traditional Musical Art

5V040600 Directing  *

5V040900 Choreography

5V041700 Decorative Arts

5V042100 Design *

5V090600 Cultural and leisure activities

5V091000 Librarianship


Physics and Mathematics

5V010900 Mathematics

5V011000 Physics

5V011100 Informatics

5V060200 Informatics

5V070300 Information Systems

5V070400 Computers and Software


Natural-geographical faculty

5V011200 Chemistry

5V011300 Biology

5V011600 Geography

5V072000 Chemical technology of inorganic substances

5V072100 Chemical technology of organic substances

5V060600 Chemistry

5V060800 Ecology

5V060900 Geography

5V012900 Geography-history

Faculty of History, Economics and Law

5V011400 History

5V011500 Foundations of Law and Economics

5V020200 International Relations

5V020300 History

5V030100 Legal

5V050100 Sociology

5V050500 Regionovedenie

5B050600 Economics

5V050700 Management

5B050800 Accounting and Auditing

5V050900 Finance

5V051000 State and local government

5V051100 Marketing

5V090200 Tourism


Faculty of Philology

5V011700 Kazakh language and literature

5V011800 Russian language and literature

5V011900 Foreign language: two foreign languages

5V012100 Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh language learning

5V012200 Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of instruction

5V020500 Philology Russian / Kazakh