Scientific and research internship undergraduates

 Dear undergraduates!

Department of postgraduate training reports that undergraduates WKSU them. M.Utemisov enrolled in the state educational order and on a paid basis in the period научно-исследовательской/экспериментально-исследовательской work, there is a unique opportunity to visit leading international organization of education and science to pass the research internship.


For registration of foreign training undergraduates must be submitted to the department of postgraduate training (body №8, 2nd floor, room 206) on the list of the following documents:

1. Personal statement of a student to the Rector of the visa of the supervisor, head of department, dean of the faculty;

Note: The application is written personally by hand.


2. Representation of the supervisor of the visa head of department, dean of the faculty.

Note: The presentation is written in any form

3. Extract from the minutes of the meeting of the Department for the Protection of the abstract and the schedule of training;

4. The draft program of the passage of the research internship, including individual schedule work of a student during foreign training, certified by the scientific supervisor, manager. the Department




Description of measures*

Reporting form





            *It is advisable to go through a series of activities.

5. Summary of the thesis of a student (5-6 p.).

Documents are available at the department in a strictly specified order.

Necessary documents after an internship

1. Diary and record of the passage of foreign scientific training in the topic of the thesis on the basis of individual work plan during the internship (volume 3-4 p.) Visas themselves masters, scientific leaders, heads of departments (Production and chairs-base internships) and the seal of a foreign university on the basis of which was an intern.

2. Certificate

Upon returning from a foreign research training undergraduates must submit the following documents:

1. Financial documents confirming the costs and traveling certificate - the accounting department (2nd floor, room 202) for 3 days from the date of arrival:

1.1      Tickets for the train / bus

1.2       Documents to pay for accommodation in a hostel:

- a rental contract;

 - fiscal receipt,

- credit cash order,

-  invoice,

2. Detailed report on the results of placement (the photo is not less than 3 pcs., The volume of at least 2-3 sheets of A-4 size) in accordance with the approved plan of work of a student during foreign training, certified by the scientific supervisor, manager. the department, as well as a copy of the certificate attesting training - one copy to the department of postgraduate training (body №8, 2nd floor, room 206).

3. Information on the site about the Internship Placement

Requirements for passing the draft program of research training:

The draft program of the passage of a research internship should include the following items:

1. Country of passage

2. Foreign organization

3. Duration

4. Speciality

5. Subject

6. Relevance and novelty

7. Goal

8. Tasks

9. Stages of passage

10. The object of study

11. The methods used to study

12. Necessary material - technical

13. Expected results

14. Criteria for assessing the achievement of expected results






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