Vice rector for educational and methodical work

tasmagambetovThe head: Tasmagambetov Aset Sembaevich - doctor of historical sciences, associate professor.

The address: Uralsk, prospect of Dostyk-Druzhba, 162

Phone: 8(7112) 51-41-63

Fax: 8(7112) 51-41-63


Mission: Assistance to educational preparation of experts of new generation, competitive in the educational market.

The purposes:

1. Planning, coordination and an operational administration of educational process;

2. Improvement of quality of preparation of the qualified experts taking into account requirements of a labour market and employers;

The basic lines of activity:

- Preparation of highly skilled experts with technical and professional, post-secondary the higher and post-university formation for various branches of manufacture, economy and social spheres of the region;

- Realisation of educational professional programs of technical and professional, post-secondary (in university college), the higher (bachelor degree), post-university(a magistracy, doctoral studies) formations by creation of the necessary conditions directed on formation, development and professional formation of the person on the basis of national and universal values, science and practice achievements;
- Development of cooperation of university with formation controls, secondary educational institutions, the organisations and establishments of the region in the field of professional practice of employment of students;
- Coordination of activity with a view of interaction strengthening «Formation – science - production» through the activity of branches of chairs of the university, the qualitative organisation of all kinds of expert, studying of a labour market and assistance in employment of graduates of the university;
- Control over quality of knowledge and progress of students of all modes of study, control over activity of faculties and chairs on the organisation of educational process, operative control over work of chairs in preparation and carrying out of credit-examination terms and total state certification of the trained;
- The statement of the schedule of studies on all modes of study (including magistracies, college of WKSU), with observance of norms of week loading accordingly standards;
- Control over performance of schedules of educational process on specialities, for following the schedule of studies by the staff of professors and lectures, tutor hours and examinations;
- Regulation of a policy of giving marks, management of the information on mastered credits and received marks, and the academic rating of trained (GPA);
- Control over the process of preparation of orders on transfer, expulsion, reinstatement and repeated training of the trained; the analytical and statistical reporting; movement of the trained; formation of the academic groups and streams;
- The organisation and coordination vocational guidance works in establishments of formation of the region and work of a selection committee of university.

The content of the structure:

Department on the academic questions:

- Department of planning and the organisation of educational process;

- Office of the registering clerk (statistics and contingent department, department of registration and the academic records, department of an estimation of knowledge and certification);

- Department of remote training;

- Department of practice, career and marketing;

- Department of reception, vocational guidance and communication with formation establishments.

Faculties, chairs, college.





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