Vice rector for educational work and social problems


The head: the candidate of pedagogical sciences, Darisheva Tujmesh Malbagarovna

The address: prospect  Dostyk-Druzhba, 162, building №1 , Room 313

Phone: 8(7112) 51-51-90

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Mission: preparation of highly skilled experts, professionals with high moral and  spiritual qualities.

The purposes and problems:

- Formation of the person of the future expert corresponding to requirements of a modern society, possessing all leader qualities;

- Forming and popularisation of accurate, clear for youth model of behaviour of the expert claimed on a labour market.

The basic directions of social and educational policy of the university:

1. The youth policy;

2. The sociocultural environment;

3. Corporate patriotism of university society.


1. Department on educational work;

2. The youth centre of development:

- Student's self-management;

- Trade union of students of WKSU;

- Debate centre "Аkikat";

- «Zhas  economist»;

- Student's club «Dostyk».

4. Sport club;

5. A museum;

6. A first-aid post.

The student's youth of university passes various steps of development of the person during training, gradually getting the competence which is expressed in self-determination, self-affirmation and self-improvement of the trained. 
The department of educational work spends work on an explanation of state language policy and ethno policy, on a non-admission of conflicts in the student's environment, education of students  immunity to destructive religious ideology, understanding of a place and a religion role in a society is of important value.
One of significant actions is 20 years of Independence of Kazakhstan. All planned actions were conducted at high level.
The university staff of teachers and lectures intends to meet 80-year-old anniversary of university with concrete results.





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