Sergaliyev Nurlan Habibullovich, was born on December 24, 1969 in a Taskala village of Taskalinsky Region at West Kazakhstan in a family of rural teachers.
In 1985 he finished Beloglinsky secondary school and entered the same year agricultural technical school in Uralsk. In 1989 graduated a technical school with honors. In 1989 entered the K.A. Timiryazev Moscow agricultural academy on the specialty "Agronomics" and graduated the academy with a qualification of agroecologist in 1994 with honors. In 1994 Sergaliyev arrived on internal office of a postgraduate studies at All-Russian Research Institute of Fertilizers and Agricultural Science. After graduation he received an academic degree of the Candidate of Biologcal Sciences. After finishing a postgraduate study, Nurlan Habibullovich came back to the hometown of Uralsk. Since August 1998 Sergaliyev Nurlan Habibullovich develops his career in various positions, starting with senior teacher, head of a department, deputy dean of the faculty of agrobusiness and ecology, director of a research institute and as vice rector for scientific work at West Kazakhstan agricultural university. During the period 2014-2017 he worked as a rector of Zhangir Khan West Kazakhstan agrarian and technical university.
Nurlan Habibullovich has more than 150 scientific publications in biological direction, including preservation of a biodiversity, microbiology and ichthyology. He is an author of 5 patents.
In 2015 Prof. Sergaliyev was awarded as the project manager a state award of al-Farabi in science and technology for a cycle of research works on development of scientific and technical bases and creation of infrastructure of sturgeon breeding in Kazakhstan.
Sergaliyev Nurlan Habibullovich has the following encouragements, state awards and honorary titles:
In 2003 received a letter of gratitude from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "For the development of cooperation in the fields of Education and Science";
In 2006 awarded with the certificate of honor from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "For the achievements on the ways of spiritual and social development of independent Kazakhstan and for the contribution to its prosperity";
In 2007 awarded a state grant as "The best teacher of Higher Eeducation Institution";
In 2009 awarded "Honourable educator of the Republic of Kazakhstan" from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and in 2010 a a chest sign "For merits in development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan";
In 2013 received a letter of gratitude from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "For the contribution to education of younger generation, for achievements in the development of education system and for the long-term work";
In 2015 awarded with an anniversary medal "20 years of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan" and received same year al-Farabi State award of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Science and Technology.
Sergaliyev Nurlan Habibullovich has an active living position, being engaged in social work. He is a deputy of the regional government (maslikhat), a member of Nur Otan party, a member of the state Commission for the Assignment of Hunting and Fishery Lands for Nature Users. Moreover, Nurlan Habibullovich carries out the following public duties:
- A Chairman of the constant commission of Nur Otan party on agrarian questions.
- A Chairman of Advisory Council of the WKR on execution and implementation of drafts of the program of modernization of public consciousness Rukhany Zhangiru.
- A member of the state commission of the WKR on distribution of means of subsidies in agro-industrial complex.
- A member of the commission on distribution of grants to training in Hhigher Eeducation Institutions at the expenses of the regional budget.
Nurlan Habibullovich is also a member of the Board of trustees of School No. 7 in Uralsk and of the Supervisory board of RSE "Regional Clinical Hospital".
Marital status: married, has two children.





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