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The press service of the WKSU is a structural unit of the University and provides the media of the city with comprehensive information on university events and team achievements;
The press service of the University and the IT center provided training and placement of a large number of informational-analytical, image and other materials in the media for the 2017-2018 academic years.
It was released 36 news blocks (in Kazakh language – 21, in Russian language – 15). All of them are posted on the WKSU website ( and on the YouTube channel WKSU video news During the academic year, the activities of the University were systematically covered in the media:
- in the republican print media (newspapers "Kazakhstanskaya Pravda", "Yegemen Kazakhstan", "Ana tili", magazine "Ustaz", " Ak Zhayyk. kz", "Modern education", etc.), on republican television broadcasting (KAZTRK "Kazakhstan", "Khabar", "24 KZ") - 42 (in Kazakh), 29 (in Russian) publications/programs;
- regional mass media (social and political newspaper "Oral oniri", "Priuralye", "Zhaiyk uni", "Puls goroda", regional television "Kazakhstan Oral", city television "TDK–42") - 170 (in Kazakh), 91 (in Russian) publications/programs;
- There were 10 issues of the university student newspaper "Orken".
The press service oversees the page of the website "Mass media about us".
During the academic year, the press service places advertising material for applicants on the pages of regional and republican media. Promotional materials on the state program "Mangilik El"- "Serpin-2050" are published in the media of southern regions of Kazakhstan.
December 20, 2018. – "Priuralye" Altyn dombyra u Zhansai
December 25, 2018.– "Priuralye" Ustremleny v budushee N.Sergaliev.

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27 декабря 2018г.– «Приуралье» Многое сделано – впереди новые результаты.






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