Vice-Rector for Scientific Work and International Relations


Head: Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations, Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor

Address: Uralsk, Dostyk – Druzhba  Ave. 162, Office 208
Phone: 8(7112) 50-34-77
Fax: 8(7112)
Mission: Continuous development of the system of higher and postgraduate education based on the integration of science education and production, in order to ensure high quality training and sustainable development of the university.
Goals: Enhancing the contribution of science to the diversification of the economy and the sustainable development of the country
Main activities:
     1. Improving the development policy of research activities through the creation of the necessary conditions for the implementation of scientific and creative initiatives and the effective performance of research functions of the faculty, staff and students of the university.   
    2. Development of scientific potential based on the preparation of masters in the specialties of the university, PhDs in domestic and foreign institutions of higher education and the passage of scientific internships in the republic and abroad.
    3. Implementation of fundamental, applied, innovative, exploratory research and developmental works in pedagogical, physical, mathematical, biological, historical, chemical, geographical, philological, economic, technical research areas in accordance with the priorities of state development programs of the country and strategic documents the university on the basis of the implementation of grant, program-targeted, contractual and intra-university projects;
4. Update and expand the scientific and technical base to meet the needs of research departments and university scientists.
5. Implementation of the results of theses and master's theses into practice through effective cooperation with social partners and economic entities of West Kazakhstan region and neighboring regions, as well as the presentation of results in the form of start-up projects.
6. Increasing the volume of attracted funds for the implementation of scientific research based on the development of relevant projects and participation in grant, program-targeted competitions of sectoral ministries, tenders of business entities, public procurement of local executive bodies, as well as through the involvement of the business environment in the development of science through expansion co-financing mechanisms.
    7. Development of international relations in the field of science and commercialization through participation in international competitions and start-up projects, attracting foreign scientists to implement funded projects, conduct joint research and introduce the results of scientific and technical activities into production in the framework of consortia, agreements, contracts, etc.
    8. Strengthening the work on the formulation of the results of research activities of the faculty and university staff in the form of articles, monographs, textbooks, teaching aids and their use in the educational process.
    9. To ensure the growth of the number of publications of scientists and staff of the university in international rating scientific journals with impact factor for integration into the global scientific space.
    10. Protection of intellectual property rights for scientific research of scientists and employees of the university based on obtaining certificates of state registration of rights to objects of copyright and patents in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
    11. Commercialization of the results of scientific and technical activities through the development of entrepreneurial literacy of scientists and university staff, the implementation of the results of contractual projects in production, transfer and sale of scientific and technological developments to enterprises and institutions on the basis of licensing agreements and products, as well as the implementation of start-up projects.
    12. The development of research work of students through the active use in the educational process of tasks with a scientific search and research nature, the effective organization of student scientific associations, involvement in the implementation of scientific research in the framework of the implementation of grant, program-oriented, contractual and inter-university projects participation in regional, republican, international scientific and creative competitions, contests, conferences, forums, congresses, etc.
    13. System-wide monitoring and compilation of the performance rating of research and development work of the faculty, staff and departments with the aim of developing a system of motivation and effective organization of research activities of the university.

The structure includes (departments or employees):
1. Commercialization Office
2. Department of Science and International Relations
3. Testing laboratory of ecology for biogeochemistry
4. Scientific Library
 5. Editorial and publishing center





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