Center of Strategic Development and Quality

Head of the center: Urov Oleg Vinal'evich

The center of strategic development and quality is a subdivision of WKSU and operates on the basis of the position of the center of strategic development and quality in accordance with the plan of his work.

Mission: development of the mission, goals and objectives of the University, the development and implementation of the concept and development plans of the University.

Purposes:: Compliance activities wksu international standards of quality in education and regulatory requirements of MES RK.


- preparation of structural subdivisions of the University for the procedures of external evaluation;

- evaluation of the implementation of the requirements of University regulations, plans and regulations;

- rating assessment of activity PPS and division of the university;;

- monitoring the activities of the University;

- realization of policy in the field of quality and environmental policy of WKSU;

- improvement of QMS and EMS in the University;

- organizing and conducting internal audits of QMS and SAM wksu.

Phone: 8 (7112)50-41-51


Concept of internal and external activity monitoring M.Utemisov WKSU