Department of Information Technology


Director of the Department: Kushekkaliev Alman Nysanbayevich


Mission: Department of Innovative Technologies: "The development of information and telecommunication technologies, integration and control of all the processes of information WKSU them. M.Utemisov ".

Goal: "To provide support to the University in matters of information and communication technologies".


- development of electronic textbooks and programs;

- providing Web-based technologies in the educational process;

- IT- support of educational process;

- maintenance of computer Park University;

- Video recording and editing educational videos in the field of university (lectures, laboratory and practical classes);

- implementation of graphic designs;

- photo archive management of major events in the life of the University (admission to college, holidays, scientific conferences, large business meetings, graduation of students);

Address: Uralsk, Dostyk-Friendship 162

Phone: 50-38-07