The department «The Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan»


Head of the ANC Department: Shaikhiev Turar Tulegenovich


Mission of ANC Department of WKSU


Coordination, methodological and methodological support of the teaching and educational and research processes at the university in the field of ethnopolitics, systematic assistance in the implementation of state ethnopolitics in the Republic of Kazakhstan


The tasks of the ANK Department of WKSU


- Theoretical and methodological support of the teaching of disciplines related to the ethnopolitical sphere, as well as the development of methodology and methods of ethnopolitical research


- Methodological support of fundamental and applied ethnopolitical studies


- Formation of expert communities and scientific structures on the generalization of research practices in order to implement joint fundamental and applied projects

Ensuring an integrated approach to the study of ethnopolitics in the context of socio-economic, political and cultural processes

Composition of the ANK Department of WKSU


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2 doctors of sciences, 13 candidates of sciences, 9 masters and senior lecturers of the University take part in the work of the department on a voluntary basis

The main directions of work of the ANK Department of WKSU

Organizational and methodical work

Educational and educational work

Research work


The structures with which the ANC chair of the WKSU actively interacts

- Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan WKO

- Chair of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan of the ENU them. L.N. Gumilev

- Assembly of the peoples of Orenburg region "Commonwealth of the Peoples of Eurasia" (RF, Orenburg)

- Information and Analytical Center "Eurasia-Volga Region" (RF, Saratov)

- Scientific and educational center for the study of the CIS and Baltic countries of the Institute of History and International Relations of the SSU. N.G. Chernyshevsky (Russian Federation, Saratov)

- Foundation for the Support of Scientific Research "Workshop of Eurasian Ideas" (RF, Saratov)


Joint meeting of the scientific-expert group of the ANC WKO and the Department of ANC WKSU


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The ANC Department together with the ANC WKO activists holds a meeting with students dedicated to the Year of the Assembly







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Members of the ANC chair participate in the meeting of the Eurasian-Volga Region Information and Analytical Center in Saratov






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Members of the ANC chair participate in the work of the NEG meeting of the ANC WKO in the village. Darya







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