Anti-corruption commission



Helpline: 26-06-25



2018-2019 academic year

1. Composition of the anti-corruption Commission for 2018-2019

2. Work plan of the anti-corruption Commission for 2018-2019

3. Composition of the Supervisory Board



Objectives of the anti-corruption Commission:
- Promotion of anti-corruption prevention and creation of an effective system to combat corruption;
- Promotion of prevention of corruption in all areas of the University;
- Increasing the potential of anti-corruption activities in the University.

The main tasks of the anti-corruption Commission:
- Ensuring civil rights, freedoms and legitimate interests, protection of the University from corruption;
- Ensuring the openness of the University;
- Formation of rejection of corruption actions and legal culture of employees and students;
- Consideration of ways to prevent anti-corruption;
- Ensuring the implementation of state anti-corruption programs.

The main activities of the anti-corruption Commission:
1. Promotion Of laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and monitoring of compliance with the requirements of regulations adopted by state bodies in order to combat corruption.
2. Strengthening of anti-corruption activities in the University.
3. Organization of meetings of faculty and students with representatives of the Department of internal Affairs, the national security Committee, the Prosecutor's office, the Department of justice in order to inform citizens about their rights and duties.
4. Control over the implementation of anti-corruption work at the faculties.
5. Conducting social research to identify corruption problems.
6. Organization of the helpline.
7. Carrying out the action "Net session" and analysis of results.
8. Publication of the results of anti-corruption works in the University newspaper and educational television.
9. Acceptance of statements of employees and students on the facts of corruption at the University and, if confirmed, appeal to law enforcement agencies.