The development strategy of the West Kazakhstan State University. M. Utemisov until 2020.




    UDC378BBK74.58Development Strategyof the West KazakhstanState University.M. Utemisovto 2020/ undertotal.Ed.ASImangalieva/Developers:ASTasmagambetovӘ.Қ.Mұқtar,GKZhusupkalieva, TMDarisheva,OVUrov-UralskpublWKSUthem.M. Utemisov.- 2013. Development Strategyof the West KazakhstanState University.M. Utemisovto 2020presents an analysis ofthe state ofthe university's missionand vision,the main strategic directions, goals,objectives, and expectedresults.The strategy is designedfor usein thestructuralunits of the university, workers in themanagement of education,studentsand other interested parties





    West KazakhstanState University.M. Utemisovis oneof the oldestuniversities in the country.The main stages ofdevelopment of the WestKazakhstan State University.M. Utemisov:1932- the openingof the secondin Uralskin Kazakhstan(afterKazPI)Pedagogical Institute(RLE);1937UPInamedafter AS Pushkin;in 1996 on thebasis of the Resolutionof the Government ofthe Republicof Kazakhstan datedMay 7, 1996№573UralPedagogical Institutewas transformed into aWestern-KazakhstanHumanitarian University.ASPushkin. February 14, 2000by the Government Decree№236through the mergerof West KazakhstanHumanitarian University.ASPushkin,West KazakhstanAgricultural UniversityandInstituteof Arts.DauletkereicreatedWest KazakhstanState University.Resolution of the Governmentof the Republicof Kazakhstan datedNovember 5, 2002№1172WKSUreorganizedby separatingitfromthe West KazakhstanAgro-Technical University. In 2003.WKSUnamedMahambetUtemisov. WKSUas a leadingcenter for education,science andculture in the regionis an opensocio-culturalandinformation system, whichrequires continuousimprovement of the structureand content of theactivity,the nature anddirectionare determined bythe process ofdevelopment of Kazakhstanas a legalstate with a marketanda socially orientedeconomy,democratic reformsinsociety,enteringthe national education systemin theworld educational space. On the basisof legal actsin the field ofeducation andAddresses of the Presidentof Kazakhstan, NANazarbayevWKSUdevelopingstrategic planning documents.Sothe university hasadopted the "Strategic Development ProgramWKSUthem.M. Utemisovfor 2005-2010", whichwas successfully accomplished.In2009-10.developed"The concept ofthe West KazakhstanState University.M. Utemisovuntil 2020.The resultof this workwas thesuccessful completion ofhigh school in the2010 nationalinstitutional accreditation,the internationalaccreditation of educational programsin 2012and 2013,the state certificationin 2013. Currently,the need for changesand additions to thedevelopment strategyWKSUuntil 2020due tonew prioritiesin the development ofthe education systemand the country asa whole;fundamental changesin the system ofhigher and postgraduate educationof RK;changes in theregulatory framework: the Law"On Science"(2011), the Law"On Education"(2011), the StateProgram of Education Developmentof Kazakhstanfor 2011-2020., the Strategic Planof MES RKfor 2011-2015.,Rules of the organizationeducational process onthe loan program(2011), Strategyof academic mobilityin the Republic ofKazakhstanfor 2012-2020and other documents;new requirements forstrategic planning methodology. Development StrategyWKSU,as amended and supplementedfrom2013,will enable theUniversityto contribute to thedevelopment of the nationalsystem of higher andpostgraduate education;implement the requirements ofregulatory documentsandprovisions ofthe MESin the field ofeducation;focus onnational traditions andinternational trends inthe field of highereducation;maintain its leading positionin the region andto take its rightfulplace in the national,Eurasianandinternational ranking. Objective of the strategyis to assess thestateof the university,andthe identification of priorityareas for development.Strategy is theorganizational andmethodological basis for thesubsequentdevelopmentof allstructuralunitsof the universityof short, mediumand long-termplans for the developmentandimplementation activities.


    Global Trends


    Educationin the XXI centuryis one ofthe most important strategicresourcedevelopment of anysociety and the state, and thecurrent trends inthe development ofcountries and the worldofeducation areglobalization, regionalizationand internationalization.Thus,the phenomenon of globalization,affecting theeconomy, politics,culture, the mediahas a significantimpact on education, includinghigher education,which requireshigher education institutionsfocus oninternational cooperationin the field oftrainingand research.However,globalizationdoes not exclude theregional specificityofcountries andeducation systems,which is reflected, for example,in theintegration of higher educationwithin the Bologna process,clearlyillustratethis trend.In addition, theinternationalization of higher educationis realizedby harmonizingthe contentof vocational trainingat all levels ofundergraduate and postgraduate educationandacademic mobility of students, teachers and researchers.Globalization, regionalizationand internationalizationasglobal trends inhigher educationdeterminekey processessuchas:the introduction of newlearning technologies, among whichbecomes extremely importantinformation andtelecommunication technologies;deepeningthe integration of educationand science,thatcaptures the essence ofuniversity education andretainsitssolidity;development ofuniversity autonomyby changing themanagement systemandthe expansionof academic freedom;provision ofsupplemental educational services,including those relatedto the implementation ofthe principle of"learningthroughout life"ande-learning.Global trendsand relatedinnovation processeshave a significant impacton theKazakheducation systemthat, alongwith the nationalsocio-economic and political realitiesof our countryhas beentaken into account indeveloping the StrategyDevelopmentWKSUuntil 2020.




    In accordance withthe overall strategy forthe development of educationin Kazakhstanuntil 2020WKSUis intended tobe an effectivecenter of education, cultural, scientificand social developmentof West Kazakhstan region. Based on thisvisionwas developed bythe missionof the university. 

    Mission WKSU: Preservation and enhancement of research, education and training and educational traditions of one of the oldest universities of Kazakhstan, on the basis of the Eurasian idea of ​​intercultural dialogue and national reconciliation, allowing the West Kazakhstan State University. M.Utemisov be the center of social, economic and cultural modernization of the region. Training of highly qualified specialists using advanced learning technologies and modern educational infrastructure in accordance with the needs of individuals, society and the state, can have a positive influence on the development of education, economics, law, art and culture, the accumulation and dissemination of humanities, natural science and technical knowledge.


    Implementation of theteaching methods, research,educational activitiesin the field ofhigher and postgraduate educationbased on the integrationof science,education and industry,capable ofproviding high-qualityeducationand sustainabledevelopment of the university.


    -Improvement ofthe universitythrough the creation oforganizational-legal, personnel,software andmethodologicaland other conditionsfor the integration oftraining and educationalprocesses; -Computerization of educationand implementation of newlearning technologies; -Implementation of researchactivities; - Integration into theworld scientific and educationalspace, participation in internationalorganizations and associations; - Education ofa fully developedpersonality andpatriots of theircountry; -Development of the systemof corporate governance andsocial partnership, diversificationof fundingthe university. 


    Analysis of current situation


     Activities of the West Kazakhstan State University. M. Utemisov has been widely recognized in the country and abroad. In one of the first universities in Kazakhstan University was awarded the "Medal Zo¬lotoy SPI" International Association Sawday-tion industry, the award in 2005 in Paris. WKSU awarded the prestigious «EUROPEAN QUALITY» («European Quality"). For the highest level of educational programs at the international conference WKSU was awarded the medal "EuroEducation 2006: integration of European experience" in g.Oksforde (UK). WKSU also was among the feet of higher education in Europe, an award-winning «THE UNITED EUROPE »(« United Europe ") for his contribution to European integration. In 2006, WKSU at the international summit in Moscow was recognized as a "leader of the national economy" and awarded a diploma and a medal. Innovation Activity of the University was awarded four international forums "Informatization of Education of Kazakhstan and CIS countries." WKSU at the International Exhibition in Almaty was nominated "for the preparation of highly qualified specialists." WKSU implemented the activities of international quality standards of ISO 9000 in 2005, and has repeatedly affirmed their compliance during external recertification audits. West Kazakhstan State University. M. Utemisov one of the first schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed the Bologna Declaration, aimed at the formation of the world educational space. 

     Demonstration of compliance withthe international standards forthe quality of educationwas the passingWKSUinstitutional accreditationinNACMES RKaccording to international standardsin 2010.In 2012, theuniversityheld11international accreditationof educational programsin the RussianindependentagencyAQA,whichis a member ofthe European Association forQuality Assurancein Higher Education(ENQA).In 2013, thecollegewas accredited bythe threeeducational programsin the GermanagencyACQUIN.   

    In the rankingof Web-sitesof universitiesaccording to the Internationalrating agencyWebometrics Ranking of World Universitieswebsiteof West Kazakhstan StateUniversity.M. Utemisovranked 22ndamonguniversities in Kazakhstan

    According to the versionof the Russian agency"Reytor"WKSUentered the top500universities in the worldin 2008in the national rankingsof universitiesinthe Republic of Kazakhstanto the ratingmultidisciplinaryuniversitiesWKSUtookin 20137th place,more than a dozenspecialtyhigh schoolannuallyrank highin the national rankingsof specialties.  

    International co-operationis based on the60 agreementswith foreign universities,research centers andother researchorganizationsin Europe, Asia, America,the CIS countries. 

    Geographyacademic mobility of teachersand studentscoveringGermany, Poland,the UK, Ukraine,Russia.

    Successfully developingscientific cooperationon the basis ofestablishedresearch consortiawith foreignuniversities.

    Universityparticipatesin international programsDAAD, GLOBAL Ugrade, ERASMUS MUNDUS.

    Trainingwithhigher and postgraduate educationis conducted in7faculties and23departments, 50undergraduate majors, 24master specialties.For a number ofyears there has beena gradualintroductionof the Bologna Process.Inthe 2005-2006 academic year, work has begunon the implementation ofeducational programs in thecredit system of trainingandthe practical resultsachievedtoday,bothmandatoryandoptionalparametersand therecommendationof the Bolognaprocess,such as:

     - three-tiersystem of higher education;

     - academic mobility of studentsand teachers;

     - quality controlof higher education;

    - european system ofassessments,credits,diploma supplements;

     - active involvementof students in thedevelopment of educationalprograms, the organization ofthe educational process,social work;

    -  modularstructuring ofeducationalprograms in accordance withthe competency approachand theDublin descriptors;

    educationthroughout their lives,distance ande-learning.

    Indicators ofthe quality of traininginWKSUis theirdemandin the labor market,career achievementsanda high level ofcompetitiveness-the employment of graduatesreached78%.

    The socialpartnershipis builton the interactionwith customers;concluded150contractson probation;established the Association ofAlumni andEmployers' Council;conductedsurveys ofdatabasepractices;the content ofeducational programsupdated to reflect therequirements of employers.

    One of the priorities WKSU is a set of measures to educate molodezhi with high civic and moral principles, patriotism and social responsibility. To implement these tasks created by the student government, military-patriotic club, youth organizations, with more than 200 events patriotic (2010-2013.). Provided seasonal employment of about 600 students in the MTR, the program "Zhasyl eaten." The university has created all necessary conditions for the creative development of students and conducting sports events. The share of students who are actively involved in social activities, work circles, sections, etc. 33% of the total enrollment. 

    InWKSUwidely usedfeatures of a moderninformation and communication technologies-createdits own software productsforthe educational process, the specializedsites and thosefacultiesavailableelectronic textbooks, courses ofvideolectures, documentaries andnews programs

    Scientificactivities areresearch centers,faculties and departments.Over the past3 yearsthe total amount offinancingexternal customerson scientific projectsamounted to more thana hundred milliontenge.At the expense ofthe institutionfunded byabout twentyprojects.InWKSUthere are a numberof youth organizationsengagedin research work,which in recent yearshave also wonmore than twentygrants.

    Researchactivities are focusedon thedevelopment of basic scienceandapplied researchin the field ofchemistry, biology, ecology, education, philology, history, archeology, etc.  

    Number ofstudent scientificassociationsreached 35, the number ofstudents involvedin R & Dover a thousand people.WKSUstudentsare leadersof nationalcompetitions ingeography, mathematicsand chemistry,winners ofinternational competitions inphysical education, economics,accounting and auditing, computer science. 

    By order ofthe Committee ofScience of RKWKSUreceived a certificateof state accreditationas a subject ofscientific andtechnological activities. 

    In order to improvethe quality of managementof scientificprocessesin 2012, the Department ofScience andcommercializationestablishedbusiness incubator.

    Scientific and educationalactivities arehighly professionalteaching staff,more than 50%-doctors and candidates ofsciences,professors, associate professors,honoredculture.In recent years,the universityinvitedto lecturemore than 50foreign professorsfrom seven countries.

    Democratization of managementat the Universitycarried outrelying onthe principle ofcorporate governanceby expandingcollective bodies-the Board of Trustees,the Academic Council.Implemented the principle ofinformation transparencyof the university,WKSUis widely represented inthe information space ofthe area andthe country,the Internetspace.Implemented the principle offeedback-conductedsurveysand monitoring ofsocial well-beingof students and teachers.

    Scientific LibraryWKSUhasmore than a millionitems,tenreading rooms.    

     Infrastructureand logisticalbase consists of8 academic buildings,2dormitories,2standardgyms, 3adaptedgymnasiums, 2 outdoorplaygrounds,agrobiostation.

    Developedparkandinteractivecomputertechnology-more than a thousandcomputersconnected in a localnetwork, 47computer labs,access to theInternetat a speed of10Mbit / s.,Interactive whiteboards,projectors, printersandothercomputer equipmentis constantly updated,there is a freeWi-Fi accessin theallacademic buildingsof the university.



    Strategic directiongoals, objectives, and expected results


    Choice ofstrategic directions forWKSUto 2020is defined by itsmission, visionand prioritiesof Kazakhstan's society,science andthe economy,the system of higherand postgraduate education,policy documentsof Kazakhstan inthe field of education.On this basis,the following strategicdirections, goals,objectives, and expectedresults for eachdirection.Forecast figuresare presentedin accordance withthe main stages ofthe development strategyWKSU


    Strategic direction 1.
    Preparing competitive staff 

    Goal 1.1:Trainingwithhigher and postgraduate educationto meet the needsof industrial and innovativedevelopment of the economyof Kazakhstan,the internal and externaldemandsof the labor market

    Problem 1.1.1: WKSU functioning in accordance with the basic settings of the Bologna Process 

    Realization ofthis goalwill be achievedthrough harmonization ofthe content of educationalprograms in accordancewith similar programsoverseaspartner universities

    bringingeducational programs incompliance with the requirementsof the EuropeanandNational Qualifications Framework;
    quality assuranceinWKSUbyindependent institutionalaccreditation; 

     ensuringthe quality of educationalprograms throughnational and internationalaccreditationagenciesin foreignACQUIN, ASIIN, AQAand other.; 

    involvement of the socialpartners andemployers to developand implementeducational programs;

     development of academic mobilityof students,teachers and staff

    attracting foreignstudentstoeducational programs, includingrealizedin English; 

    increase inparticipants in internationalprogramsERASMUS MUNDUS, DAAD, etc..;
    the discovery of newdouble-degreeeducational programs;
    involvementof studentsin research;
    integration of educationandsciencethrough the approvalof diploma,master's and doctoralthesesinaccordance with the subjectof fundamental and appliedprojects, research laboratories,business incubators, etc.

    Problem 1.1.2: Training projects for industrial and innovative development of the country

    Solution of the problemwill be achievedthrough the implementation ofeducational programsdesignedUnexaminedinvolvingemployers;
    involvement of professionalassociationsto assessing theskillsof graduates;
    expanding the sources offinancingof educational activitiesbypublic and private enterprises, contractingforpractical trainingleading to employment
     involvementof practitionersto counseling andsorukovodstvufinal qualifying workinundergraduate, graduate
     contractswith professional associationsto form atalent poolof accreditedgraduatesand others.

    Goal 1.2: Создание диверсифицированной образовательной среды, содействующей качественному профессиональному и гражданскому становлению обучающихся. 

    Problem 1.2.1: Ensuring the quality of educational services. The task will be determined by the results of the external evaluation

    place in the nationalranking of universities;

     results ofgraduatespassingthe nationalindependent testingTDMA;

     passage ofnational and internationalaccreditation,employerssatisfactionqualitytraining;

    and internal evaluation:

    regularidentificationof students' satisfactionandqualityconditions forteaching andfacultyworking conditions;
    certification ofPPP,PPPranking score, monitoringqualityofstudies;
    training and methodological supportof the educational process
      the use of fundsallocated for the developmentof the library andIT-technologies, etc.

    Problem 1.2.2: Creating the conditions for civic development of students.

     Solution of the problem will be achieved through the promotion of socially significant activities of republican ("Zhasyl El" IPO "Students Alliance of Kazakhstan" ALE "Youth Congress of Kazakhstan", etc..) And university associations;
    involvement of students in youth political organizations (the youth wing of the party "Nur Otan", Center for Youth Policy, Debate Club "Parasat", "speaker", "Orkeniet" et al.) 
    creation of conditions for the activities of cultural and sports associations, providing social support through the provision of material assistance to vulnerable students and others .;
    effective functioning of the University in the field of education of the youth will be implemented through the creation of a research center for the analysis of developments and trends in youth.

     Expected results of the Strategic direction 1. Preparation of competitive personnel.

    Proportion of graduatesemployedin the specialty,the total numberof graduates:2015- 80%;2020-85%.

    The share ofaccreditededucational programs,the total number ofsold:2015- 35%;2020- 70%. 

    The numberof educational programs,peer-internationalspecialized accreditation:2015-26;2020- 52.- Степень удовлетворенности студентов качеством предоставляемых образовательных услуг и условиями обучения 2015 г. – 80%; 2020 г. – 90%. 

    The percentage of studentsparticipating in the implementationof socially significantnational anduniversity projects:2015-27%;2020- 38%. 

    The share ofstudentswho participatein the activities ofHostelssocio-political organizationsand clubassociations,aimed atactive citizenship:2015- 50%;2020- 55%. 


    Strategic direction 2: Formation of the university as a regional research center. 

    Goal 2.1: Scientificand technical support forthe development ofresearch structuresof the university.

    Problem 2.1.1: Scientific and technical support growth research work

    Implementation of this task will be carried out by increasing the applied and basic research, including grant funding under the MON RK;
    providing conditions for productive research activities in order to increase faculty publications, including journals with impact factor in obtaining protection for inventions, the active involvement of students, graduate and doctoral students in the implementation of projects;
    increase funding forresearch and innovation, includingthroughPPPs;
    promoting activities of the university faculty and researchers to publish articles in scientific journals with impact factor;
    the creation of new research laboratories and experimental design bureau WKSU in the natural sciences areas;
    connection libraries to electronic libraries of the largest scientific portals and electronic libraries, in particular the Republican interuniversity electronic library databases Scopus, SciDirect, Thomson Reuters, and others.

    Problem 2.1.2: Increased cooperation with leading foreign research centers

    This objectivewill be achievedthrough a series ofevents.
    Firstly,it isthe realization ofprojects in theframework of scientific andeducationalconsortia.
    Secondly,it isthe conclusion of internationalagreements in thefield of scienceand technologyresearch centers.
    Third,for thecontinuous monitoring ofperformance andprogress inthis areawill be carried outperiodicallybenchmarkingwithadvanced scientific(innovation),technology centers.
    Fourth,to promoteresearchuniversitystructuresin the implementation ofprojects andthe successfultechnology transferwill applyinnovative approachesin the managementof science and research.

    Goal 2.2:Integration of education, science and industry. 

    Problem 2.2.1: Establishment of scientific and industrial ties with industry, businesses and other organizations

    This taskwill be carried outbythe Department ofKapitalto provide interoperabilityandthe conclusion of agreementsbetween the universityandbusiness organizationsand enterprises;
    Secure the participation ofuniversity departmentsin various competitionsgrants,scientific and othercontractualprojects financed from thestate and local budgets,organizedthrough charitable/trust fundand business -structure. 

    Problem 2.2.2: Commercialization of scientific developments created in research structures.

    Thistask will be accomplishedthrough the involvement ofbusinessesin theimplementationof projects andprograms;
    The activities ofthe Department of Scienceand commercializationwill focus onassistance to researchersinthe commercial use ofresearch results andcreate their ownventure capital fund;
    Inorder to achieve resultsin this areawill focus onthe development of twokey structures ofthe university-Testing Laboratoryof Ecology andBiogeochemistry andIT -center.

    Expected results of the Strategic direction 2. Formation of the university as a regional research center.

    Number of scientificpublicationsin journals withimpact factor,which are part ofinternationalscientometricdatabases(Thomson Reuters, Web of Science, Scopus, SciDirect):2015- 10;2020-50(notless than 5%PPP).

    The share ofresearchprojects carried outwithin the framework ofinternational co-operation:2015- 15%;2020- 30%;

    WinPPPinvolvedin basicand appliedprogramsof the total number:2015- 25%;2020- 40%.

    The share ofresearch projectsthat have implementedthe results of researchinto productionin 2015- 35%;2020- 50%

    The share of profitsfrom the saleof R & Dat the Universityin carrying outapplied researchof the total funding:2015- 20%;2020- 30%.


    Strategic Direction 3. Human Resources Development and Management System 

    Goal 3.1:Professional developmentand trainingof the teaching staff

    Problem 3.1.1: The introduction of effective mechanisms for the selection and certification of professional staff.

    Development oftraining programsof the teaching staff.
    In hiringwill be given tothe priority of frameswith scientists andacademic degreesandyoung researchers;
    Introducedregular appraisalsof personnelas a result ofpersonal achievement.The universityis working todevelop an effective systemof competitive selectionrequirementsPPPwith theinnovative approach toeducational activities,systematic participationin researchand publications inleading national andinternational journals,obtaining academicdegrees and titles

    Problem 3.1.2: Professional development of PPP

    This taskrequires the implementation ofactivities such asthe organization oftraining and retraining ofPPPat the national levelthroughmultilateralcooperationwith leadingindustrial companiesand research institutesof Kazakhstan; 

    Forming the base ofpartner universitiesfor the purpose ofsending stafffor training

    The introduction ofdistance learningfaculty andstaffof the University andthe organization of coursesin the field ofICT ande-learning;

     Creating the conditions forthe use of electronicdatabasesThomson Reuters, Scopus, Sci Direct;promotionof teachers and stafffor publicationin scientific journalswithhigh impact factor

    Problem 3.1.3: Attracting foreign experts.

    Implementation of thistaskwill be providedby increasing thenumberof foreign expertsinvolved in theeducation and research activities;

     prioritizelong-term contractswith foreign experts, as well asthrough the implementation ofa number ofactivities such asformulation and implementation ofPR-activepolicy at different levelsin the field ofinternational activities;

     promotion of the achievementsand capabilitiesof the University inteaching foreign students,jointresearch activities

    organization of internationalscientific and practical activities,expansion of cooperation withleading foreignuniversitiesin order to attractthe most qualifiedforeignPPP

    Goal 3.2:Improving the system ofgovernance in thecontext of the transitiontouniversityautonomy.

     Problem 3.2.1: Professional development of administrative staff

    Professional levelwill be increasedbytrainingmanagers and employees ofthe structuralunits inthe field of management;

     increased fundingof activities aimedat improvingcorporate governancein the context ofthe transition toautonomy

    professional developmentof administrative staffthroughemployee participationin approvedprograms ofretraining and advanced trainingabroad.For this purpose,will, amongforeign partners, as well asa timetablepassingmanagerial personneltraining courseson the basis ofpartner universities

    Problem 3.2.2: Creating the conditions for transition to university autonomy.

    Solution of the probleminvolves the introduction ofthe principlesof academic freedomthrough thegranting of the rightto developeducational programs

    implementation ofcorporate governance principlesby involvingfaculty andstudents inmanagement decisions(Scientific Council, committees,commissions, working groups), etc.;

    implementation of the principlesof corporate governancethrough the creation ofcollegial bodieswith the involvement ofthe public concerned-the Board of Trustees,the Alumni Association, the Council ofEmployers

    provideinformation opennessand transparencyof the universityof all processeswith the aim ofcreating a positive imageWKSU.

    Expected results of the Strategic direction 3. Human Resources Development and Management System.

    The ratio ofthe numberof teaching staffwith a degreeandthe total number ofteachers:2015-52%;2020- 60%.

    WinPPP,pasttraining: at least 20%annually;

    WinAUPpasttraining and retraininginthe field of managementeducation:2015- 100%;2020-100%

    Winimplementedadministrative decisionstaken by thecollective management bodies:2015-95%;2020-95%.


    Strategic Direction 4. Development of infrastructure and material and technical base 

    Goal 4.1:Infrastructure andlogistical baseforeducational and scientific activities

    Problem 4.1.1: The creation of modern teaching and laboratory facilities and social infrastructure.

    This taskprovides fundsforthe introduction of newsocial facilities(fitness center,student dormitory,small-family residences, and others.),Educational facilities(the newadministrative building);

     equipmentof classroomsand laboratorieswith modern equipmentand computer equipmentwith a connection tothe Internet, equippingclassroomswith modern technical facilitiesfor educational purposes(projectors,interactive whiteboards, scanners, printers, audioand video,multimedia), etc.

    Problem 4.1.2: Capacity of the computer park and telecommunication equipment.

     Implementation of the taskassumedby monitoringthe use of fundsfor maintenanceof existingcomputer park, the acquisitionof a new generationof computersand licensed software,video conferencingequipmentaudiences, increase the rateof guaranteed accessto the Internet;

     technical support forthe possibility ofonlineconferences, purchase ofresearch laboratories, "Software Engineering", "Programming inAPPLE», «Intelligent tutoringsystems", "Programmingmicrorobots", "Electronicsandmicroprocessor-based systems", etc.

    Problem 4.1.3: Informatization of education and scientific research, the development of Internet-resources.

     For successful implementation of tasks to be implemented corporate information system, introduced electronic educational regulations and administrative processes, to ensure the development, acquisition and use of e-learning in the educational process, improved replenishment mechanism repository of research findings students (theses, master's and doctoral degrees) and scientific work PPP (monographs, articles in scientific journals, proceedings of scientific conferences, etc..), held automation of the educational process (e-library, computer testing, session management, database on the movement of troops, electronic schedule, implemented information system "Dean" "Department", etc..), by the PPP specialized departments created multimedia tutorials

    given priorityfor basic and appliedresearchprojects related to thenew information technologies,high performance computing,environment and resources;

     increasedelectroniclibrary resourcesby specialties,refineddesignand contentof universitysite.

    Expected results of the Strategic direction 4. Development of infrastructure and material and technical base 

    Provision ofeducationalareas, laboratories, social facilities,computersat the levelof requirementsGPRO100%

    Ratio of the areaof classroom fundto the total numberof students (with the increase inthe number of students):2015- 6m.;2020- 6m.

    The percentage of studentssecureda hostelof the total numberin need of housing:2015-57%;2020- 80%.

    Creating amanaged environmentand the availability ofe-learningfor studentsandfacultyAUP:2015-75%;2020-100%.





    Generalizing the content of the Strategy of the West Kazakhstan State University. M. Utemisov until 2020, it is necessary to state that the expected results of the West Kazakhstan State University. M. Utemisov to 2020 are: - Creation of a competitive system of higher and postgraduate education in WKSU focused on solving the problems of advancing the development of the most important areas of education and science; - Improve the quality of WKSU. The training of professionals in demand in the labor market; - Integration of Science Education and production in the region based on WKSU; - Creation of infrastructure for educational research and innovation activities, constant updating of teaching and laboratory, scientific, experimental, technological and educational base of the university; - Maintain a stable financial position of the University.


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