Center of continious education

    Director: candidate of pedagogical sciences, Associate Professor Lomonosov Ilja Matveevich.

    Mission: improving the quality of teaching and educational work our university and other institutions WKO.

    Goal: promote the implementation of the learning process of new technologies, improving pedagogical competence of teachers and staff WKSU, as well as teachers of higher and secondary educational institutions WKO, school teachers, preschool teachers, coaches, retraining temporarily unemployed citizens, professionals of the banking sector, sector managers, institutions culture and arts.

    - meet the needs of the University and other institutions of higher and secondary educational institutions in WKO quality training, advanced training and retraining of the teaching staff;
    - training of school teachers, preschool teachers, executives schools, school psychologists;
    - retraining and advanced training of managers of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as temporarily unemployed citizens;
    - compilation and dissemination of best practices of the educational process, scientific and methodical work, innovative forms and methods of teaching;
    - introduction in the educational process of modern achievements of pedagogical and psychological sciences, information technology, active learning methods;
    - development in the professional abilities of students solving educational, industrial, organizational and managerial tasks;
    - training Kazakh and English languages.

    The main activities:
    • direction of teachers in central universities of Kazakhstan, in accordance with the approved plan schedule; 
    • organization of exchange rate arrangements for heads of divisions, faculty and staff of the university on the most pressing issues of pedagogy of the higher school, the loan program, the basics of computer technology;
    • teacher training state and foreign languages;
    • organization of events for the exchange of pre-school organizations, teachers and school employees of the city and the region, heads of specialized secondary and vocational education, entrepreneurs;
    •  retraining temporarily unemployed citizens;
    •  meet the needs of graduates in further education.

    Address: Uralsk, st. Sarayshyk 34, 102 cabinet.

    Phone: 8 7112 50-48-67

    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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