{tab=The main directions of}Innovative development is carried out both by WKSU modernization of the entire university in the field of monitoring and analysis, methodical work, informatization of education, etc, and through innovation in teaching methods including the active involvement of students in the educational process (online training) and the use of information technology
    1. The main directions of modernization and innovation WKSU defined plan for improving the activity of the university as a result of institutional accreditation, the concept of development of the university until 2020, the requirements for the quality assessment of international networks of education and foreign accreditation agencies, the plan is innovative and methodical work of the university. 

    Action Plan for the improvement of the university as a result of institutional accreditation plans to introduce distance learning technologies at all levels and forms of education to ensure free access to educational services; to improve the content of QED based on specializations required by the labor market; the development of international exchange programs of students and faculty; an international accreditation of educational programs.
    In order to implement the recommendations of the External Expert Commission decided:

    - create committees RUE and QED in each institution / faculty and expand their composition by attracting leading teachers;

    - place on the university site forum devoted to discussion of the content of educational programs;

    - introduce systematic training and education advisors in order to ensure methodological and monitoring individual learning paths of students;

    - schedule of the learning process specialty with deadlines practices align with leading databases practices;

    - streamline the procedure for the survey of employers, which would allow to identify the requirements for each educational program;

    -introduce the practice of matching catalogs elective courses, the content of specializations with top employers;

    - improve the mechanism analysis of learning outcomes, etc.

    In accordance with the requirements of the international assessment network of educational organizations and international accreditation agencies, up innovation - the methodical work of the university provides direction innovative work related to improving the monitoring and analysis system, innovations and methodologies for the computerization of the educational process, preparation for international accreditation of educational programs that are closely linked.

    {tab=New procedures for analyzing and monitoring}So improving existing and introduce new procedures for the analysis and monitoring of the following processes:

    1    Analysis of the planning and management systems and their impact

    2    SWOT-analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the university

    3    Monitoring of the intellectual development of students in graduation specialty, language learning

    4    Compliance with the requirements of the Law "On Education", regulations, SOSE

    5    Improving rated PPP activities and departments of the University

    6     Identify relations academics and students to the level of the educational process

    7    Assessment of social well-being of students and faculty

    8    Analysis of customer requirements to the organization and content of the learning process in the field of

    9    Evaluation of the administrative staff and department heads on the basis of opinion polls

    10    Analysis of the results of progress on the session

    14    Analysis of the causes of poor progress at the level of student

    15    Evaluation of the professional level of teaching staff and the quality of teaching

    16    Quality Management System

    Also improved existing and developed the following areas of innovation work:

    1    Study and dissemination of advanced experience

    2    Training seminars for faculty

    3    Tendering innovative projects of PPP

    4    Develop programs dvudiplomnogo education WKSU

    5    Improving catalogs elective subjects and content of educational programs based on the requirements of the market

    6    Forming the base of video lectures on general subjects

    7     TV broadcast inline lectures

    8    Formation of video teaching materials database (master classes, open sessions, presentations)

    9    Production of educational films (including the use of computer graphics)

    10    Production and organization of broadcast news bulletins of educational, methodical, scientific research, educational work WKSU

    11 Improving software shell electronic textbooks, in order to develop interactive and multimedia educational process.

    12 Development and improvement of the educational process automation software and control (Registrar, UMKD, RUP, Antiplagiat, Survey, etc.)

    To prepare for accreditation of educational programs required to bring into compliance with international standards of quality, particularly in the scientific and international activities, the following indicators:

    Research capacity: 
    - the presence of sponsored research; 
    - scientific publications in the Republic of Kazakhstan, CIS and foreign rating scientific journals; 
    - research centers in communication science and industry.

    Level of international cooperation:
    - participation in international programs; 
    - JavaScript programs dvudiplomnogo education with foreign universities; 
    - The share of foreign professors involved for the implementation of educational programs; 
    - level of academic mobility of students - studying in foreign universities and foreign students; 
    - presence of joint programs with foreign universities and research etc.
    {tab=Innovative learning technologies}2. Requirements for innovative teaching methods have been formulated in the Statute of the competition for the introduction of innovative learning technologies. 
    «Under the innovative methods involve methods based on the use of modern science and technology in education and to improve the quality of training through the development of students' creativity and autonomy (methods of problem-and project-based learning, research methods, training forms, providing the actualization of creative potential and independence students, etc.).

    Innovative methods in the educational process involve:

    • use of information resources and knowledge bases;

    • the use of electronic multimedia textbooks and manuals;

    • orientation of the content on the best domestic and foreign analogues educational programs;

    • the use of problem-oriented interdisciplinary approach to the study of science;

    • application of active learning methods, "contextual learning" and "learning through experience";

    • the use of interactive teaching methods

    • the use of methods based on the study of the practice of (case studies);

    • the use of project-organized learning technologies work in a team on a complex solution of practical problems ".

    Requirements for interactive teaching methods and use of information technologies in the educational process are also included in the evaluation criteria used by professional-level PPP expert committee.

    «Teacher competency assessment methodology is complemented by the definition of professional skill of the teacher, depending on its ability to use interactive teaching methods. Interactivity in the pedagogical process is implemented and evaluated based on the level of communicative interaction between teacher and student:

    1.    Information and reproduction rate. Teacher fluent ability retelling of educational material, is able to convey to students and trainees the necessary information in accordance with the curriculum. The main unit of analysis is thus the key concepts.

    2.    Information and adaptive level. Teacher training transforms information in a socio-psychological characteristics of students and trainees, is able to find and provide "feedback" to any audience. The main unit of analysis in this case becomes a set of issues of concern to students and trainees.

    3.    Problem-information level. Teacher has the ability to problem presentation of the material, ie. E. Focuses students and trainees on the clash of contradictions, paradoxes, and the formulation of finding ways to resolve them in thought experiments with them. In this case, the main unit of analysis is the problem situation.

    4.    Information and level of play. Teacher has the ability to prepare and conduct a business (or role) game with the students and the audience, during which the process of learning op-definiteness of practical skills and abilities in the form of activity, which is modeled for them. The main unit of analysis here becomes a business (or role-playing) game.

    5.   Information and experimental level. Teacher has the ability to periodically carry out experiments, trying to convert that learning environment, in which were his students and students in the new learning environment that will give them the greatest scope for creative self. On this basis, there is a formation of a new quality of knowledge, skills and abilities. In this case, the main unit of analysis is transformed into the learning process.

    Note: This interactive methods include methods of implementing 3,4,5 level of communicative interaction. 
    The assessment of competencies and capabilities of interactive learning should be based on a detailed analysis of the classroom. Analysis of the quality of training involves the assessment; content, methods of implementation, organization, educational data, guide the work of the students, the impact of employment……

    ……Use of information technology in the educational process may include:
    - use of training programs and teaching in computer classes with a connection to the Internet and Intranet:
    - use in the classroom e-books, audio and video materials;
    - the use of interactive whiteboards, projectors, etc. means of training;
    - development of a database of information resources.


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