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Interviews M.Abenova

Murat Abenov: "Dynamics 2050" competition among the participants of the project "




Since last year, the start of the "Dynamics 2050" social project today is one of the most popular social initiatives in the country. Takes a keen interest in the project. This project is the quality of education of young people, and will offer a great opportunity to avoid work. If there is a study on the project in 2050 with the young, this "breakthrough" grants increased 3-fold by 6200. 5 thousand institutions of higher education grants. Consequently, this year's "Push-2050" project is a veteran space wings. However, the public are asking, there are still a number of questions. They, in particular, jobağaqatısw, educational institutions and professions, education is about the allocation of grants. That is why we, "Dynamics 2050" coordination of national social project of the interview with Mr. Murat Abenov, Chairman of the Board, the reader would have received answers to their questions.


Murat Abwdwlamïtulı, "Dynamics 2050" Can you tell us the meaning of the brief of the project?


Murat Abenov: There are two important aspect of this project. The first was economic. Currently, the 9 regions of the country to the low birth rate and external migration is a priority, there is a kadrtapşılığı. This problem worsened from year to year. Industrial and innovative program will be launched in the coming years there is a shortage of workers in industries most. "Dynamics 2050" project that resulted in a population of young people in a lot of areas, regions, local educational institutions in the field of education and to solve the problem of personnel to work in the same place. The second most important social problems. 5 very high birth rate in the country, the population is growing rapidly from year to year. These regions is difficult to study in a local school leavers and increase the number of unemployed in the vast majority of the receipt of the specialty. 9 5 jastarğajoğarıda graduated from the school in the region through this project educational institutions in the region, "dynamic" special grants will be allocated. At the same time, in addition to social assistance, in case of a dwelling in the regions studied 100 per cent of the employment opportunities created.


"Push" What were the results of the first year of the project?


Murat Abenov: Last year, the total number of project grants in 2050, more than 10 thousand people applied to participate in the project. In other words, the competitiveness of every 5 people for possession of the place. This is a very high figure. For example, konkwrstaär place of 2 people in the country last year edi.Jobağa exclusively to the youth of the Kyzylorda and South Kazakhstan regions. Most of the last year of the grant allocated for 2050 grant ïelendi- 837 young people of the South Kazakhstan region, 778 ïelendi.Ökinişke grants to graduates of Kyzylorda oblast, Almaty, Zhambyl and Mangistau oblıstarındabelsendilik low. For example, in Zhambyl region, 174 people, only 92 people Mangystau region, 146 people took the opportunity to read through the project. This year, the governors of the region, taking into account the importance of the project "breakthrough" for more youth participation in the organization of the special measures are being taken. Kyzylorda and South Kazakhstan regions, with the direct support "Push Week" in all areas of the organization held a meeting with representatives of the educational institutions participating in the project. This was a very effective and efficient measure. Many young people have the opportunity to choose. Colleges documents, a number of young people enrolled in the competition. This event would like to thank for their assistance in the organization of local governors.


"Dynamics 2050" project of students and educational grants What is the difference between identity and by those who are?


Murat Abenov: Uqsastıq- grant scholarships by those who are in higher education, the reimbursement of the costs of the railway went through the low tide line. But, unlike the "dynamic" with two additional guarantee admission. The first hostel fell etiledi.Jalpı provide grants to universities such graduation joq.Ekinşisi guarantee, if you're in the same region after graduation, is to ensure full employment. That is, within the next few days easily find a job and have a chance to improve their social conditions.


"Dynamic" in contrast to entering college, college grants, 2 times a year to pay the cost of travel and winter clothes allocated more than 60, 3 hot meals to all. Here, too, who lived in the region who provided comprehensive employment. Higher educational institutions, whether it be college or dual education for young people in the future of the project to establish a direct relationship with the customer experience with the same requirements for future employment opportunities through the institutions qoyılğan.Nätïjesinde future employer organizations in the experience of young people to read, easy to soljerge after graduation jumısqaornalasıp, quickly absorbed. At the same time, "Dynamics 2050" project, young people from the universities and colleges of special education. According to the project, all the young people who are studying in a special "Push" is the social activists of the National Fund. In order to unite them, the development of the personal qualities of traditional education of the properties that meet the requirements of the market. To this end, at least twice a year at the national level, in all regions, "Alaman" festival. Leaders organized a summer camp construction teams working in their spare time, is the issue of financial gain. These young people now feel "Serpindiktermiz!" He says proudly. This is one of our great achievements.


You had said during the interview, said there was one of the first graduates of the project during the year. Can you tell us more about it.


Yes, Ore Mining and Technology College, the first of this year, "Serpindikter" to complete their education, which we have handed their diplomas in their hands. Graduates Sokolov Sarbaisk Mining Production Association has offered service apartments. Now that the youth began to work in Rudny. If 13 of the 24 graduates in the workplace, 8 chose to improve their knowledge of the local Institute of Industrial City. Unfortunately 3 people chose to return to their places.


In the future, "Dynamics 2050" is a chance to all the young people who have completed the project. And, after graduation is open to young people who want to leave their homeland. Hold. But bolaşqtarına seriously hope that young people make the right choice. All the young people themselves şeşedi.Degenmen, "dynamic" entered, and then return to their own regions, who can access it grants its peers in the same positions bleeding. After all, you want to stay in the project, who read a lot of young people. Therefore, the "dynamic" read, and then receive citizenship as a criticism of the actions of young people to their homeland.




"Dynamics 2050" project grants to institutions of higher education and general education contests What are the similarities and differences between the distribution of grants?


Murat Abenov: the similarity of the two documents adopted at the same time in the four universities in general, filled in a form that facilitates the selection of one of four types. If the overall competitive grants and a special "Push" grants, they must not exceed the sum of the four choices. The Commission of the results of the contest period will be considered and the final decision will be published in the national newspapers. And, in contrast to the 16 graduates of the region took part in the competition, "Push", only 5 will be competition among the youth of the region. However, it is necessary to take into account the following requirements: "Dynamics 2050" participating in the project, each of the universities (19 universities), only limited training requirements of the grant and the project is only those specialties. This is the education of other students took part in the competition will be awarded a grant. But, "Dynamics 2050" benefits not covered by the project. As you can see, the "dynamics" of the possibility of obtaining a grant of graduates passed.


"Dynamics 2050" project to colleges and total enrollment kolledjerdge What are the similarities and differences?


Murat Abenov: Uqsastığı- examination for admission to college anyway. And, unlike grants for any part of the plaintiffs, "Dynamics 2050" project grants to colleges may have only 5 children in the region. For admission to colleges, universities in the regions of the selection committees do not need to go to the field guide students in the areas of youth.


"Dynamics 2050" on the project last year, the professions and specialties What is the difference between this year?


Murat Abenov: 7 19 institutions of higher education teaching profession last year to 1,050 this year is divided into 19 grants, including the grant of teaching specialties of higher education institutions in 1500, 3 in the direction of the industry: 3 thousand grants and technical specialties, the 300 grants - 200 grants in the field of veterinary medicine, agriculture is allocated.


And, in the colleges?


M.Äbenov: Last year, 33 of the 25 colleges under the 1000 grants to young people to the profession. In the 2015-2016 academic jılındakolledjder reached 36, 47 of 1200 provides for the grant of the specialty. Among them, 7, 40 professional and technical specialty agricultural area. Last year this year because most of the boys in the field deserve special secondary schools for girls to learn more and more attention is paid to the specialty. In particular, tailoring, catering, standardization and certification, veterinary medicine, the field operator of electronic computing machines were introduced.




"Dynamics 2050" Who will participate in the project?


Murat Abenov: Dynamics project Mangistau, Kyzylorda, South Kazakhstan, Zhambyl and Almaty regions will be able to take part in the youth. UNT graduates for admission to the university or complex tïis.UBT and complex testing to the test, at least, the subject of at least 50 points and score at least should not be less than 7 points. And colleges to UNT and comprehensive testing conditions. Colleges this year, a few years ago, the 11 graduates of the class may be able to enter the competition.


"Dynamics 2050" Where can I get information about participation in the project?


Murat Abenov: All information published on the website www.serpin-2050.kz. On the left side of the site "Basic Information" section of the "Dynamics 2050" published links to detailed information about the project. For example, "Dynamics 2050" social project "If you open a link that you can learn more about the purpose of the objectives of the project. "Kimderqatısadı the project?" And "Push" project will be to study how to deal with? "Sections are the requirements to participate in the project." Youth education? "Responsible to the question" what can be found in the region? "Can be read sections.


In addition, information on the region of 5 to study the site of the "Study of the sending regions" can be found under the heading "document adopted by the regions" of the region to take full document in 5 addresses and means of communication.


"Specialties" section of the project is divided into 61 divided by 5 thousand grant to the university profession, the full list of colleges is divided into 47 specialties. How to choose a profession that will be on the "momentum" career choice "can be found by opening the link. Higher education institutions of the same page will be selected for admission to UNT and comprehensive testing with 7 separate links on the subject. For each sector through the links to the left for some kind of code, which can find out the exact number of grants allocated from the university. In physics, for example, four, 19, 33, you can choose a specialty. Colleges does not depend on the choice of 4 specialty courses. For example, the subject of UNT or complex testing Kazakh language will be able to read the selected applicants to colleges and technical specialties.


Educational institutions, local specialties headquarters in the list of information about the sender and recipient regions.


Then, with the expertise of specialists in each of the universities and colleges.


What's App of the Republican Coordinating Council: 8 701 515 20 50. The mass media campaign, it has been explained. The project vk.com facebook.com, instagram, twitter networks "serpin-2050" accounts, there are leaflets. Many of the pages have been published. All areas of the ad hoc working groups have been formed under the leadership of deputy governors of the region. In addition, the sender of 5 regional departments of education, youth policy, the internal policy of the board of management of staffs working. The host of the region's seats in each region.


What is the feature of the filing of documents for participation in the project? "Breakthrough" to claim the "Application Form" to be filled?


Murat Abenov: "Push-2050" and with the Commission üşinqabıldaw participation in the project "Application Form" to be filled.


The difference is that the "breakthrough" mamındıqtardı allocated to higher education institutions involved in the selection of the "Dynamics 2050" shall be deemed to have participated in the project. In addition to the other symptoms, there is no special forms. Each candidate in the "Application Form" you can write one in each of the major universities of 4 eskerü. Sebeptentoltıraldıñ universities orındarjäne 4 to choose a profession in them. Four specialty "Push" grant may be allocated to the project. So only 1, 2 or 3 in the "Push" and the rest of the competition can be.




Specialties, a selection of the region, and what would you recommend?


Murat Abenov: make a choice to risk themselves. Because the one who decides the only state that the owner of the grant competition. I will say, however, developed its own täjirïebemnen idea. The biggest mistake a look at the career of former explanation. At present, the world has more than 1,000 specialty. Our young people and their parents are aware of only about 100. Thereby limiting their choice. Mamandıñı that is not found in the list, or very little competition from the grant could not make a decision to pay for education. In such cases, some of the profession should know that it may be several similar types of ball. Therefore is the name tanımalılarına competition is high, sweat but not as popular as it is small. Those who know the computer, for example, "computer science" is selected. Last year, this was 72, the lowest score on the grant of the profession. And similar to the same profession, but few recognized the name of the "Computer science and software security," according to the degree of competition was extremely low - only 53 students took part in the competition to score Name the grant. This is an example of the total absence of competition warn, "Push" In the past it In some cases, selection of the low points joq.Mamandıqtı grant is kateligi parents. Because they are children with their point of view has become dominant and leads to wrong decisions. The most important thing is, when each of the major "Dynamics" and the total number of grants allocated for the competition, the results of last year's competition in the same specialty, you have to go to different schools according to the minimum threshold should be taken into account. For example, educational institutions situated near the centers of large cities, the competition is high. However, it is generally considered rural quota, do not forget the competition.


Delivery of the document to the university, where and at what time?


Murat Abenov: UBTjäne complex testilewtapsırğan documents of the institutions of higher education entrants will receive commissions from July 23-31. All 5 from the premises of the local public universities in the region to pass a special place.


This project is the fourth best educational institutions ayasındajoğarı Tell us about the amount of the grants in the field of discipline.


In general, the "Push-2050" project a lot of technical skills. And to take into account the allocation of grants in the humanities kerek.Mısalı, four were awarded grants to 61 institutions of higher education profession 5, 60yağnï, 2914 Grant for Those Who Choose the subject of physics. Knowledge in their profession 3 29: 24 Street, 4, 1, for the agricultural sector. The subsequent grant of 20% of Those Who Choose biology in 1038.
















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