International partnerships


    Our international partners:

    1. Corporate Foundation "Bilim - Central Asia" (Almaty)

    2. British Council - Kazakhstan (British council)

    3. Association of Educational Institutions «EdNet»

    4. KBTU

    5. Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation «KACEBI».

    6. The American Corner (Uralsk)

    7. Education Department of the Embassy of Turkey (Almaty)

    8. Kazakh-Turkish Lyceum (Uralsk)

    9. Kazakhstan Embassy in Poland (Warsaw)

    10. Magna Charta Observatory (Italy, Bologna)

    11. American Bar Association

    12. Center for International programmatic CIP (Astana)

    13. Association of Central universities REGENA

    14. Center for Strategic Programs (Moscow, Russia)

    15. Eurasian Association of Universities (Moscow, Russian Federation)

    16. Peace Corps in Kazakhstan. 

    International corporate fund "Bilim - Central Asia"

    The Foundation is funded by the Open Society Institute, Soros Foundation - Kazakhstan and the United States Department of State. More details can be found: 

    British Council - Kazakhstan (British Council)

    From 2008 - 20013 yy British Council supports the draft International Strategic Partnerships in Research and Education. The project aims to support the establishment of partnerships in the field of higher education and research between the UK universities of Kazakhstan.

    Details can be found: 

    Association of Educational Institutions «Education Network»

    The Association is a non-profit organization, operates on the principles of voluntariness, equality of its members, the rule of law, transparency, openness, self-management and self-financing. In June 2005, an agreement was signed with the Association of educational institutions «EdNet».



    Kazakh-British Technical University in cooperation with the Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen, UK), and begins to develop WKSU Joint European Project (JEP) in Tempus Tacisс.

    More details possible to learn: 


    Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation «KACEBI»

    Center, offering high-quality certified western business and training programs in the field of business and entrepreneurship, meeting the highest international standards. Center «KACEBI» works closely with Kazakhstan and international partners to develop future leaders of Kazakhstan.

    Further information can be found on the websiteе: 

    The American Corner (Uralsk)

    American Corner was officially opened on 27 April 2006, but has started to work in the autumn of 2005. Opened with the support of the American Embassy in Almaty. Even today, the embassy area support audio - visual and printed materials. Area caters to visitors and provides a service for the Internet. And collaborating with IREX and disseminates information about studying in America. There is a discussion club, visiting students, adults and volunteers. 

    Education Department of the Embassy of Turkey

    On the Education Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey are cooperating since 2005 since the study began, foreign students from the Republic of Turkey. Supervision of foreign students has been assigned to the department for international scientific and educational links and exchanges. 

    Kazakh-Turkish Lyceum (Uralsk)

    In July Uralsk started Kazakh-Turkish lyceum for gifted children. In high school with advanced study of Kazakh, English and Turkish languages ​​has about 70 children. Students from Turkey studying at our university on a specialty "Mathematics" Gülnur Akkoch and Nurullah Sarytah planning an internship at the Lyceum. 

    Kazakhstan Embassy in Poland (Warsaw)

    In December 2006, the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Poland has invited the collective folklore-ethnographic ensemble "Bapas saz" in celebration of Independence Day of Kazakhstan. Embassy of Kazakhstan in Warsaw Address: ul.Staroschchinska 1-18 Index-02-516

    Phone: (4822) - 849 4230 Факс: (4822) - 646 0705, E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

    Magna Charta Observatory

    In Bologna (Italy), President of the University signed the Magna Carta of universities «Magna Charta Univesitatum» - a document confirming the commitment to European standards of the educational process and compliance with the principles of the Bologna Declaration. Signing such a recognized and important document allowed WKSU M.Utemisov reaffirm the status of the leading educational and scientific center and significantly improve the competitiveness of the university. Here at the annual signing ceremony held meetings and exchanged views on further cooperation with foreign universities WKSU.

    More details: 


    American Bar Association

    The cooperation with the American Bar Association (ABA) was established in 2003 when the walls WKSU M.Utemisov passed Regional games on gaming litigation on F.Dzhessapa Cup which was attended by students from the cities of Uralsk, Aktobe, Atyrau and Aktau. 

    In 2005, the American Bar Association has announced a competition for a grant in the amount of 7,000 dollars for the development of clinical legal education in the western region of Kazakhstan. This competition involved seven organizations, including WKSU M.Utemisov.

    Read more: 

    Center for International Programs (Astana)

    JSC "Center for International Programs" was created by decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 4, 2005 №301 to implement the initiatives of the head of state, voiced in the annual address to the nation, an increase in the annual number of fellows of the international program "Bolashak" to 3 thousand Pers Shareholder of the Centre is the Government of Kazakhstan represented by the Ministry of Education and Science.

    Additional information about the CIP: 

    Association of Central Asian universities REGENA.

    The main objective of REGENA - to promote economic research universities to help the transition to the credit technology training. As of August 2005 WKSU became a full member of the Association of Central Asian universities REGENA. 

    Advisory Centre for Education Abroad (Aktobe)

    KC is an associate member of the worldwide international network of educational centers in the USA (Education USA Advising Centers), and the status is confirmed by the State Department of the United States. KC staff - highly skilled professionals (many of them members of NAFSA), who annually attend international training skills Consulting in Kazakhstan located in Almaty, Aktobe, Karaganda and Shymkent. Employees Aktobe KC annually at our university preparation courses in Toefl and Ielts. For more information visit: 

    The main activity:

    Carrying out the arrangements for the selection of personnel for participation in international programs, including scholarship "Bolashak".

    Establishment of cooperation with foreign universities and organizations, with a view to the implementation of programs and projects in the field of education.

    Implementation of measures for the development, implementation, coordination and support of its own and joint programs and projects.

    Provision of institutional, advisory, information, expertise and other services, including contract basis.

    The publication of information and analytical materials on the implementation of education.


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