Department of the academic activity

    KaisagalievaGDirector of the Department of Academic Activity:


    The Department of Academic Activity works in accordance with the Regulations on divisions and job descriptions for specialists of the West Kazakhstan State University by M.Utemisov, the current legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    The structure of the department of academic activities:

    - Planning department and organization of educational and methodical ` work;

    - Office of the registrar;

    - DSP;

    - Career Center;

    The main purpose of the department:

    - to ensure the organization of the educational process with educational documentation in accordance with SES educational programs of higher and postgraduate education;

    - scheduling training sessions in accordance with SOS specialties;

    - planning and organization of the educational process at the levels of undergraduate and graduate programs in accordance with State Compulsory Educational Standards (hereinafter referred to as SES).

    Functions of the Department of Academic Activities:

    - development and coordination of working curricula (hereinafter referred to as the RUE) of undergraduate and graduate educational programs;

    - development and coordination of the schedules of the educational process of the faculties and the consolidated ones for the university;

    - compilation and coordination of academic flows (by type of study);

    - control of drawing up the calculation of hours of pedagogical activity of the department, staffing of teaching staff of the university for compliance with the requirements of SES and time standards;

    - scheduling training sessions for all forms of undergraduate and graduate education;

    - monitoring compliance with the teaching staff of the schedule of studies, examinations;

    - summing up the implementation of the teaching load of faculty and departments (monthly, semi-annual, annual).

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