Registrar's office student service center

    Head – Kdirguzhina Elmira Mendigalievna.

    By the primary purpose of activity of department office-recorder center maintenance of students is assistance in organization of educational process in the conditions of credit technology of educating, upgrading of registration of all history of educational achievements of student, organization of planning and realization of transparent control of knowledge of student.


    · A management by the processes of conduct and registration of history of educational achievements of student;

    · Co-ordinating of forming of individual trajectory of educating; it is organization of registration student on educational disciplines.

    · Providing of timely and quality grant of services to student;

    · Improvement of functioning of educational process;

    · Grant of complete information in demand of student;

    · Increase of culture and quality of providing of the given services to student;

    · Support of student in academic questions.

    Functional duties:

    1.Registration and re-registering on disciplines, forming of individual study plan

    2. Determination of GPA;

    3.Determination of academic difference or academic debt;

    4. Registration of academic vacation;

    5.Delivery of certificates of academic certificates, транскриптов,

    6. Delivery of login and password for an entrance in AS Platonus;

    7.Organization of summer semester, retaking of academic debts, handing over of academic difference;

    8. Providing of informative help to student;

    9. Advising on questions of internal and external academic mobility;

    10. Registering of academic progress of student;

    11. Realization of calculation of the academic rating of student;

    12 . Registering of the collected credits/ of clock on educational disciplines;

    14. Preparation of lists necessary for realization of current, intermediate and final attestation;

    15. Forming and preparation of summary lists on results intermediate and final attestation;

    16. Conducing and delivery of current transcript and appendix to the diploma (transcript), calculation of lowest passing score of GPA;

    17. Organization and realization of record of student on элективные disciplines;

    18. Monitoring of progress of students;

    19. control of rightness of information in the database of student and actualization of the informative system OR;

    20. preparation of list of the student produced courses applying on a diploma with a difference; 21. preparation of information to the faculties on results examination to the session and about sufferet defects and disparities in an educational process

    For the decision of the put tasks Center provides implementation of the following:

    1) Reception and registration of statements.

    2) Consideration and treatment of statements.

    3) Receipt of application on all types of processing of documents (certificates, academic certificate, transcript).

    4) Verification of plenitude of the presented documents.

    5) Providing of informative help to the students at an appeal in Center.

    6) Work on forming of anticorruption culture among the employees of Center.

    7) Consultation of student in difficult and debatable situations on questions educational process.

    8) Implementation of another commissions of guidance of University.


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    Phone: 50-96-68


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